Whether we’re inside the studio of a Portland jewelry designer, learning new recipes from a blogger in London, or getting inspired by an LA yogi, we love to pick up those priceless little wellness tips from healthy folks from every walk of life. How are creatives staying inspired? What’s inside our wellness peers’ medicine cabinets and whose books are our own health heroes reading? This is the kind of stuff we love to share and to read – and we can’t tell you how many times we’ve gotten hooked on a supplement, author or recipe from within our own features!ge

Hannah Bronfman, the famously stylish and seriously eco-chic chick behind the obsession level spa-booking app, Beautified, with her hand in more eco-friendly projects than we can count, is dishing to us on all the wellness habits that keep her daily life in New York balanced, sane and in-synch with her green values.

Hannah, whose music industry-shaping family stoked her passion for music at an early age (she DJs at some of the hottest private events in the city,) also inherited her family’s love for green living. As one of New York’s favorite girls-about-town, hosting the city’s coolest events and even modelling in some of the biggest shows, Hannah could easily skate by on her most recent outfit choice alone. Instead, Hannah pays close attention to her family’s developments in green energy, and has invested in a beauty app that keeps her and half of the city balanced and glowing through hot summers like this one.

We’re spending a little time with Hannah this summer – finding out her must-have items, picking her brain on natural beauty, and keeping up with the stylish wunderkind around town. Join us this week and next for a glimpse into Hannah’s stylish take on that Chalkboard life…

25 Wellness Must-haves with Hannah Bronfman

My daily supplements:

Glutamine, flax.

Can’t live without my:


Daily breakfast:

An #hbsmoothie! My go-to smoothie these days is frozen banana, frozen spinach, frozen kale, Zenberry Blue, a date, vanilla, turmeric, ginger and cinnamon.

5 things always in my medicine cabinet:

Coconut oil, aloe gel, 37 Active Rich Moisturizer, cotton pads for removing makeup, Boo Boo Kisses bandages.

Fave workout:

Toss up between kickboxing and Pilates.

Once a week for my health I:

Get reflexology. It’s my way to unwind and give my body a break from working out hard!

On tap: filtered or bottled

I drink Neo with a bit of chlorophyll.

Best fast food option:

Chop’t is just as quick as McDonalds…

Best healthy restaurant tip:

Portions at restaurants are huge. My solution? Divide your plate in half and take the rest home.

At least once a week I cook…

Grilled fish with some sort of sautéed veggie. My summer staple is salmon with vegetable kebobs of onion, peppers and zucchini.

If I could give just one piece of health advice it would be...

Be mindful. Everything you do, from what you eat to how many hours you work to staying up super late, affects your body.

Reading list:

Salt Sugar Fat and Lean In.

Go-to health resources:

Instagram is the best channel for discovering new tips and recipes! Mynewroots is one of my favs.

Crazy health idea that actually works:

Tiny Tea Anti-C Teatox (for cellulite) seriously works.

My food philosophy in one sentence:

Gluten-free is the best for me!


I always start my day with hot water and lemon – no exceptions.

Simplest way to improve health:

Make sure that you eat every four hours so that you don’t starve yourself and end up over-eating – especially at dinnertime.

Fave healthy getaway:

Tulum! The food is so fresh and coconut water straight from the nut is plentiful!

My current mantra:

Just do it. Waking up and working out sucks for everyone.

My health passion:

Cooking. It’s my escape from the day and how I spend quality time with my friends!

My go-to juice or smoothie:

My breakfast smoothie above! Make sure to hashtag #hbsmoothies and tag me if you make it!

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