Meet Our Guest Editor: Yogi Tara Stiles

In the midst of an ever busy schedule, super-yogi Tara Stiles remains so cool and oh-so-calm - true yoga at its finest! Meet our new guest editor for the month of August...

August: that funny month in which we’re all so time-aware. We anticipate the fall, hang on tight to summer’s last weeks…and intend to remain present. Thank goodness we have a pro on hand; our guest this month really shows us how it’s done: the radiant Tara Stiles.

Yogi extraordinaire Tara Stiles is on a roll and not stopping any time soon. As the force behind NYC-based yoga studio Strala – a favorite amongst the likes of Deepak Chopra and Jane Fonda – Tara not only acts as CEO, but as teacher,devoting just as much time to each and every individual student as she does to the growth of her internationally-growing business. Tara’s intuitive and generous spirit leaps out through her virtual yoga classes, two best-selling books, and collaborative line of yogawear with Reebok tailored specifically to feel like an extension of your own practice, and to help you feel like your very best self on and off the mat. With an active Strala schedule that takes her across the globe and a new book on it’s way in November (watch this space for more!) Tara’s schedule doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon. That’s why we’re so impressed with how calm, grounded, and giving she remains day in and day out. Now that’s real yoga at its finest.

Get down(dog) with Tara this month as she shares her wisest tips, favorite recipes, and other essentials for leading a life you love. It all starts with self care – whip up Tara’s recipe stat…

Dear Chalkboard readers,

I have a kitchen confession to make. When I get busy (and we’re all always busy), cooking is the first thing to go out the window. When it’s impossible to cook because I’m traveling so much, or because I’m back from traveling and don’t make the time, or simply because I’m not in the mood to restock the kitchen for creativity, my direct link to fantastic energy gets zapped. During these “busy spurts,” I find myself taking to the streets, hungry without a plan. These adventures usually end up with some quick takeout that I hope isn’t too unhealthy, but always is.

Confessing my lack-of-kitchen-attention tendencies helps me bring mindfulness to self-care, a big practice that rewires our brains to create space to desire nourishing our bodies and minds. The more we practice taking care of ourselves the more we cure whatever cycle has taken us out of balance, and sway our way right back to that amazing, centered place waiting for us to connect and expand.

The truth is spending time in the kitchen exploring, creating, tasting and sharing with friends and family is an act I receive great joy from. I aim to nurture this aspect of my life and discover endless dishes filled with delicious happiness for a long time. My wish for you is a lifetime of self-care, yummy nourishing meals and radiant energy.

I have some delicious recipes for you coming up this month, but first a recipe just for you to get you connected to yourself, back in that place of feeling super awesome and excited to get in your kitchen, to get creative, and to feel fantastic from the inside out. Repeat this recipe twice a day all month and you’ll be radiating awesomeness from the inside out.

Radiate and enjoy!


Love Sauce
Serves 1


1 big handful of self-honesty
2 cups of self-care
1 Tbsp of patience
1 tsp of attention
dash of intuition


Soak the honesty in a warm bath of self-care for at least an hour every day. Stir in patience and attention consistently until mixture is combined evenly. Wait for the right moment and add intuition. Simmer until you feel grounded and inspired.