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Announcing our first yogi Guest Editor just in time for National Yoga Month! Meet celebrity yogi Mandy Ingber and check out all we have in store for you this month...

It’s often said there are no secrets when it comes to good health. And, for the most part, we agree. But when it comes to a great physique, we think we’ve found our secret weapon: her name is Mandy Ingber. As the yogi responsible for the tightly-toned bodies of celebs such as Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsdale and Jennifer Lawrence, more proof of her potency could hardly be required! But we’ve got a whole month’s worth of fun just ready and waiting for you to discover….

Although Mandy has been featured across the world and back (we swear she pops up more often than any other wellness coach we know!) as one of the premiere fitness experts teaching today, only The Chalkboard’s got the down-low on detoxing with Mandy like she’s never shared before! Not only are we sharing Mandy’s detoxifying yoga routine, favorite cleansing recipes and an inside look at her own detox habits, but we’re sharing an exclusive juice cleanse by Pressed Juicery alongside Mandy’s new book Yogalosophy, that we’re betting you can’t wait to get your hands on (available September 9th!)

We’re thrilled to be featuring sweet, strong Mandy as our September Guest Editor. Her new book Yogalosophy
is full of just the kind of fresh energy and inspiring wisdom that makes Mandy one of our very own personal health heroes. Here’s Mandy with a glimpse of everything this month of September is bound to bring!

Hi Chalkboard World!

I’m so thrilled to join your community and to share with you all month long. Chalkboard is one of my favorite online resources, as we have a common view: living a healthy clean lifestyle from the inside out.

My personal journey of self-love through self-care began back in the day, right here on the west side of Los Angeles. Raised on a vegan macrobiotic diet and yoga, I found my way to being, first a spinning instructor, and then a yoga teacher to the stars. My book, Yogalosophy became a New York Times Best Seller, and it happened just the same way I practice my healthy lifestyle: day by day. I find that just as the outside-in is important – the way we treat our bodies has a real effect on our attitudes and our mindset – it does work in the reverse. Clean living may be reflected by what we consume, but it is just as much a product of our attitudes about our bodies and our selves.

This is where my 5 simple steps for a Y28 Revolution come in:

LOVE YOUR BODY NOW: I like to think of my body as already perfect. Fitness and wellness are my ways to celebrate that. Celebrate your body by moving it daily! I see my body as an extension of my inner life. The mind-body connection is bridged through the heart and our emotional well-being. When we bring more balance into our lives through healthy wholesome foods and physical movement, we begin to change and clear our minds. Most important is the way you think about, and speak about, yourself. Discipline of the mind is essential in order to gain some power over our very fluid and ever-changing emotions.

COMMIT TO SHORT TERM GOALS: I developed my Y28, which is a love-your-body-into-shape program, with this in mind: It’s important to feel like you have accomplished something. September is one of my favorite months to press the reset button.The fall is the optimal time of year to do a cleanse, as we wash away the summer fun and get back to the basics of routine and taking good care of our bodies. That’s why I am so thrilled to partner with Chalkboard and Pressed Juicery for a Yogalosophy cleanse package (available September 9th!) The cleanse is just three days, and it’s a totally challenging, yet doable goal. My Yogalosophy Book is 28 Days. Start where you are, and take it day by day.

MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES: Since September is also National Yoga Month, I will share my best yoga-for-detoxification tips, as well as my Yogalosophy about detoxifying the mind and supporting your emotional wellness with all things healthy. A cleanse is such a wonderful opportunity to pay more attention to options we have. Each of us makes a series of choices on a daily basis. Let’s make them healthy!

VISUALIZE YOUR BEST SELF AND GIVE GRATITUDE: One of my favorite ways to set myself up for the day is to write down, or say aloud, five things I am grateful for. When I appreciate what I have, what I have expands. I become more available to all that surrounds me. So take some time each day this month to give thanks and watch your wellness happen effortlessly.

GIVE AND RECEIVE SUPPORT: That’s where you come in! We are able to do so much more together than we can by ourselves. It’s wonderful to get involved with a community and share with one another.

It’s so important to take time to self-care, and to fill our own cups with nutritious attitudes, thoughts and intentions. More than just the physical, consider the simplicity of a cleanse as an opportunity to take in less and make space for more in your life that is upcoming. I hope to be able to support you in that this month.



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