The Biggest Buddy System Ever: Welcome To The #DetoxDiaries

When it comes to juice cleansing, we’re big proponents of the buddy system. And when it comes to the buddy system, we’ve seen it all! We’ve watched as everyone from bridal parties, sports teams, whole movie sets and entire office floors have joined forces to cheer each other on through three or five days of juice cleansing. While each of these groups make great teams in the pursuit of glowing health, there’s never been a buddy system quite like the one we’re announcing today: #DetoxDiaries.

Starting this morning, no matter where you live, when you start, how new – or seasoned! – you are at the whole juice cleansing experience, you can find instant support and automatic feedback from cleansers around the world using the hashtag #DetoxDiaries

Via our favorite social media addiction, Instagram, The Chalkboard will be live-streaming anything and everything marked #detoxdiaries and bringing it you on the Chalkboard. Check in on everyone from perfect strangers to your cleansing roommate as she’s at work! Get tips, share advice or just a few beautiful, glowing juice photos all with this simple hashtag. See how everyone else is feeling at 2pm, check out tips for the best morning routine from other green juice lovers, or catch a glimpse of how they drink it in Miami and Seattle! From every angle and in your own words, we can’t wait to see what juicers everywhere start snapping and sharing.

Catch up with your global cleansing buddy system anytime by checking out #detoxdiaries live on Instagram. Use the feed as inspiration, to pick up a few extra tips, or just to get the boost that comes from knowing you’re not alone in your juicing quest!

We get really excited about juice around here. And we can’t wait to see how Chalkboard readers and Pressed Juicery juicers start using this tag to provide the kind of love, wisdom and support we see in our stores and email box each and every day!

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