Candles and cookbooks are foolproof friend gifts, but what do you get for the girl who has a thousand already? Something you can never really have too many of: leggings! We think these make the best bff gift ever. They’re totally practical, comfortable and flattering – and our list below has a design suited to every personality type.

Buy one for each of your besties and make a plan to put them to use. We’re already looking forward to fitness friend dates in January where we can sweat out the holiday season together, in style…

For the Athlete: Alo Yoga High-Waist Airbrush Legging | For the athletic friend who can’t stop won’t stop trying all the fitness trends. These sleek, sporty leggings are perfect for acro, barre, boxing and/or everything between. CHECK OUT HERE

For the Cozy Yogi: Alo Yoga Goddess Ribbed Legging | For the cozy friend who wants to be fit, but also wants to be back on the couch ASAP. Soft and breathable, this pair is perfect for yoga or a chill stretch-sesh at home. CHECK OUT HERE

For the Astrology Obsessed: Alo Yoga Airbrush Legging | For the friend who’s never not preparing for mercury retrograde. This stellar pattern and slimming fit is a reminder that everything doesn’t have to be perfectly aligned to work out (get it?!). CHECK OUT HERE

For the Fashion Lover: Alo Yoga High-Waisted Moto Legging | For the fashion friend you’ve seldom seen in colored clothing. Edgy and eye-catching, this chic pair is a step up from just black (you know she has plenty of that already). CHECK OUT HERE

For the Ab-tastic Friend: Blue Life Fit Cut it Out Legging | For the friend most likely to wear a crop top. This high-waisted pair is revealing in all the right ways, and looks super sexy with a top that does the same thing. CHECK OUT HERE

For the Zen Lover: Carbon 38 Aiko Legging | For the zen friend with a daily yoga practice or meditation habit. The silky material and peaceful pattern is an om-appropriate style that offers subtle inspo to get centered. CHECK OUT HERE

For the Friend Who Can Pull It Off: Alo Yoga High-Waisted Moto Legging | For the friend with a great ass who can pull off white leggings. Stylish and self-explanatory? We think so. CHECK OUT HERE

For the Party Pants Wearer: Alo Yoga Goddess Ribbed Legging | For the friend who goes out first and comes home last. This printed pair can go everywhere for every occassion and keep a high-energy friend buzzing through the end of spin class. Plus, it’s basically two styles in one, so that counts as a bargain, right? CHECK OUT HERE

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