Le Turtle

This could very well be Los Angeleno’s newest home away from home while in the Big Apple. Eater Drinks editor, Kat Odell recently dined at the Lower East Side’s trendiest new restaurant, Le Turtle, and gave us the full report.

This incredibly too cool for school (in an understated way, duh) new French-boho restaurant transports diners to another world (as evident from their bizarrely cool website.) While the decor helps to set the stage, it’s all about chef Greg Proechel’s remarkable veggie-focused, modern French fare. Here’s Odell with the best thing she ate in New York this month…

What I Ate:

Le Turtle’s veggie-forward plates.

Why I Ate It:

Because kabocha is my favorite winter squash.

Why You Need It:

I find that, living in New York, I gravitate to restaurants with an LA sensibility. That can mean anything from food to aesthetic to energy; usually it’s a blend of all three. Le Turtle is my newest obsession. It’s got that understated cool thing going on, while simultaneously feeling tragically hip in a Parisian-elegant sense. High-waisted jeans, beanies (and fedoras) and chambray are never out of style, and neither are chef Greg Proechel ‘s farm-friendly plates.

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