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We’ve known lauren Gores Ireland for years, long before the launch of her clean beauty brand, Summer Fridays. Two things about Lauren have always been true — she has an inspiring commitment to fitness like no other and she’s sweeter than an actual summer Friday in July.

We caught up with Lauren to talk all things beauty in our Getting Ready With Me series. Pick up a few tips from Lauren, then cruise the whole series here.

Name:  Lauren Gores Ireland of Summer Fridays 

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Product I’m most proud of: Our Jet lag Mask will always hold the most personal connection, because it is the product we launched Summer Fridays with and it’s really the one that’s most core to our brand. I also feel incredibly proud of our new ShadeDrops Mineral SPF 30. We worked on it for years because we really wanted to create a mineral sunscreen that blended beautifully into all skin tones. 

Products that first changed my skin: Being especially aware of using hydrating skincare products. Teenage Lauren would’ve been terrified of moisturizers and oils.

Skincare myth to debunk: That using oils will cause breakouts. Using non-comedogenic skincare oils will not clog your pores and can have amazing benefits for the skin.

Top 5 product VIPs:

Summer Fridays Dream Oasis Deep Hydration Serum $44 Shop Here

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist $48 Shop Here

Arcona Tea Tree Mask $40 Shop Here

Ilia Radiant Priming Serum $52 Shop Here

Tower 28 SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray $28 Shop Here

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Beauty trend I’m loving now: No-makeup makeup and golden hour glow.

Obsessed with lately: Summer Fridays Light Aura Eye Cream really brightens my sleepy mom under-eyes before preschool drop off.

Skincare pros I love: Shani Darden, Carasoin Day Spa, and Danna Omari—I love following her on Instagram (@noyskincare) for the best natural skincare advice.

Beauty foods and supplements of choice: Seed Daily Synbiotic, Moon Juice Magnesi-Om, and Golde Coconut Collagen Boost.

at-home ritual for when my skin needs a pick-me-up: Using a heavy layer of our Jet Lag Mask overnight always does the trick!  

Genius skincare hack: I don’t know that I would call this genius, but being conscious about drinking more water has made a bigger difference in my skin, especially as my life has gotten busier. I’m also consistent about using hydrating skincare products morning and night, including our Heavenly Sixteen All in One Face Oil. I massage a few drops into my face as the last step in my skincare routine before bed.

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Beauty tech that actually works: LED light to help soothe your skin, and to help promote collagen production. Infrared saunas also have amazing benefits by increasing circulation and detoxifying your skin.

Beauty trend I’m ready to see go: Heavy contouring.

Why clean beauty? For me, clean beauty became a very personal journey when I was pregnant with my first born, 5 years ago now. It also marks the time when we started Summer Fridays because I wanted a brand that used good-for-you ingredients and had a story that really resonated. We use so many clean and active ingredients that are incredibly powerful for your skin.

Special occasion beauty look of choice: I’ve always loved a natural look and, most recently, I’m gravitating toward super-fresh hair and makeup focusing more on skincare—specifically glow and hydration over a more glam makeup look. 

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