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TCM Classics – This story originally ran on the site in 2013, but we loved it so much we decided to bring it back.

Gabrielle Reece and Laird Hamilton – arguably the hottest couple in the entire sports world – have been happily married since 1997. As athletes, public figures, spouses and proud parents of three daughters—Bela, Reece and Brody—we wanted to know: what is their secret to keeping their relationship balanced, happy and full of all the love and passion they most obviously still share?

To get to know the whole truth, we thought we’d ask them each separately and get the low-down from both sides. Here are the secrets to a happy marriage according to him and according to her.

He Said, She Said –
Laird + Gabby on Healthy Relationships

1.  Be willing to accept that you are wrong even when you may not be.
2.  Listen and be attentive even when you have no idea what your partner is talking about.
3.  Ignore what she is saying, but UNDERSTAND what she really means and needs.
4.  Show affection even if you don’t feel affectionate.
5.  Don’t tolerate too much s**t.
6.  When you are around, be present.
7.  Respect and cherish your woman.
8.  Don’t treat her like your wife or mom, treat her like your chick.

1.  Don’t take anything personally.
2.  Make yourself happy.
3.  Don’t mother him.
4.  Say what you want, because they want to help but are not mind readers.
5. Put out.
6.  Hold your line and commit to how you want to act. If he is being snotty, don’t go down to his level. By acting respectable, you may inspire him to pull out of it. Stay out of your ‘b-tch mode’ unless you really have a good reason.
7.  Speak in short clear ideas. Don’t go on and on or nag. They don’t hear that, anyway.
8. Treat him like the king and conduct yourself like a queen. Princesses are for amateurs.
9. Did I say put out?

Share this post with your significant other! We can only imagine the conversations these lists could start. What is your best piece of marriage advice? We want to know! Leave your comments below and add your voice to the conversation.

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Meet our February guest editors Gabby Reece and Laird Hamilton and learn a bit about their healthy living philosophies!

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