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    Christy Dawn

    For LA-based designer, model and mom, Christy Dawn, authenticity is the beating heart behind everything she creates.

    Sustainably-produced in artfully limited batches of deadstock (read: vintage) fabrics, Christy’s designs are both physically and stylishly durable: the kind of timelessly-cool pieces we can keep forever. Her of-the-moment dresses sell out faster than it takes a kitten vid to go viral, but if obsessively checking Instagram for restock announcements is the cost of high-quality, low-impact fashion, we’re happy to pay up.

    With  production model inspired by her small town roots, a lifelong passion for creating beauty in all parts of life, and a dedication to intentionality across the board, Christy is a vision of modern wellness. Get to know her and her honorable mission a little better below…

    Currently wearing...

    Right now, I’m wearing sweats and my husband’s T-shirt, but normally I’m wearing a Christy Dawn dress and a sandal, or my beat-up Chucks.

    My style in three words:

    Feminine, effortless, earthy.

    Best tips for shopping sustainably:

    It’s really important to know where your clothes come from and use your purchasing power to affect change! It’s so hard for me to buy fast-fashion pieces now, because I understand that I’m not just buying a low-priced garment, I’m also paying for and supporting slave-like labor, appalling working conditions and environmental degradation (to name just a few). I know everyone can’t afford to shop sustainable fashion all the time, so do your best to buy a few really nice sustainable pieces and blend them into your already existing wardrobe. Even if just ten percent of your clothing purchases come from sustainable sources this year, that’s a big impact for the planet and a big impact on fast-fashion’s bottom line. If we all change our buying patterns, fast fashion will have to change its production methods too.

    Recent inspirations:

    I’m currently reading a book on the Japanese concept of ikigai, which roughly translates into “reason for being.” It’s inspiring on a lot of levels; the book talks about how the secret to longevity is staying connected to the force that lives inside of all of us, and when that connection is consciously maintained, creativity is ever-present.

    My style icons:

    Joni Mitchell, Farrah Fawcett, Jane Birkin.

    Go-to uniform/signature look:

    Christy Dawn “Dawn Dress” and Converse.

    Fave natural/eco materials…

    Deadstock fabric. Deadstock fabrics are the left-over fabrics of other fashion houses who overestimated their needs. Traditionally, brands would hold on to their excess fabrics for a few seasons and then send them to the landfills. We rescue these deadstock fabrics before they are thrown away, and we turn them into beautiful dresses.

    My mission in one sentence...

    Create beauty in everything I do and everyone I touch.

    Something in my closet I'll own forever...

    Vintage French workwear jackets.

    Style / design trend I'm most excited about...

    I love anything with a big sleeve! Both bell and balloon sleeves!

    Trend I'm excited to see go...

    Trends. I’m just not that into them. Maybe it’s a result of being raised in a small town where trends went on for decades, not seasons. I’m really drawn to pieces that can stand the test of time.

    Most essential accessory (and how to rock it)...


    Look that will never go out of style...

    A simple white tee and the perfect vintage jeans.

    Fave sustainable brands/ designers or resources:

    The Lost Explorer, a clothing and lifestyle company started by my good friend David, is the coolest sustainable brand I’ve ever come across. Imagine if Gjelina and Patagonia had a baby…They have literally scrounged the planet to find the most sustainable materials for their high-performance pieces. He designs not for seasons, but for ecosystems (mountain, jungle, ocean and desert). A lot of the inspiration behind the brand is to get people to go outside and connect with nature. I love the intention behind the company. I’m also actually in love with every piece in the collection.

    Current Mantra:

    Every day in every way, things are getting better and better.

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    1. I love Christy acknowledging that not everyone can always shop sustainably but to invest in a few pieces if possible. Also buying up the remnant fabrics must be a great adventure. I’m always a step out of the trends so finding beautiful fabrics would be a treat.

      therese | 10.25.2017 | Reply

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