All black everything to the gym? If your workout wardrobe has you looking more like a ninja than the style goddess you truly are, it might be time to swap in some new pieces a la mode. Fashion-forward activewear brand, Koral, is making fitness clothing so chic its almost a shame to sweat in. We asked their creative director and co-founder, Ilana Kugel, to tell us which fitness trends are inspiring their collections this fall and how they’re adapting their looks to the hottest classes in town. Read on for savvy insights and a little fall gym-spiration… 

Our collections at Koral blur the line between fashion and fitness because everything can go from the gym to the street. We follow the traditional ready-to-wear calendar – producing four collections per year as fashion brands do. The trends within the fitness world inform our seasonal collections too and these are a few at the top of our minds this season…

5 Fitness Trends + What To Wear

Jumpsuits, Stirrups, One-Pieces for Ballet + Barre | Ballet and barre classes have created a demand in the market for refined, chic active fashion and we have completely fallen in love with the trend. Our jumpsuits, one-pieces, and stirrup leggings are perfect for this elegant, streamlined sport.


Elastic Logo Waist Bands, Loose Pants for Boxing | Boxing is a sport that allows for looser fitting activewear. My personal favorite workout at the moment; I go to Gloveworx in Santa Monica! We love pairing a sports bra or bodysuit with an over-sized pant for circuit training. Our elastic logo waistband is a nod to classic boxing looks from the 80’s, worn layered underneath a more relaxed silhouette.


Loose, Cool, Street-Inspired Pants + Crop Tops for Hip-Hop Classes | We’ve always been inspired by street style, and more recently have been feeling drawn to hip hop dance. We love it because style isn’t ever lost, in fact it’s an essential part of the sport. When designing for hip hop, we created crop tops and drop-crotch pants for maximum movement with an urban edge.


Supportive Bras + Tops for High-Intensity Training | We’re noticing there is a greater demand for high-performance sports bras and tanks, as woman are participating in more high intensity workouts and want to feel secure and look amazing at the same time.


H2O Gear for Aqua Spinning | Our H2O-friendly Infinity and Evanesce fabrics are perfect for workouts like aqua-spinning. Women need attire to wear in the water that isn’t a bikini or a wet suit! Throw on our lustrous legging and element bra instead.


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