We recently joined the beauty gurus from all-natural W3LL PEOPLE as they celebrated their launch inside one of our favorite beauty shops, Fred Segal’s New Beauty! Founded by three friends with the dream of providing natural cosmetics that perform just as well as their conventional counterparts, W3LL PEOPLE is creating dream products like the Narcissist foundation/concealer stick, a giant color crayon that goes on smooth and luminous, and adds the benefits of pure aloe right into the skin. We love knowing that skin is getting a dose of soothing aloe, green tea and chamomile throughout the day, rather than the average dose of parabens and petrochemicals!

We asked co-founder and makeup guru Shirley Pinkson to create a fresh look exclusively for Chalkboard readers. In this before and after, we watched, Pressed Juicery aloe h20s in hand, as Shirley worked her magic with these clean products to stunning effect. Here’s the all-natural tutorial. Study closely and get gorgeous!

W3LL PEOPLE’s Guide to Looking Good


Using the W3LL PEOPLE Foundation Brush, apply Universalist Color Stick #2 (Moonstone Glow) onto freshly cleansed and hydrated skin. Apply the highlighter onto cheekbones, bridge of nose, and center of forehead. 

Using the same brush (do not wipe off the Universalist Color Stick #2) apply Narcissist Foundation Stick #3 in downward strokes onto the complexion, starting at the outer nose down towards the jawline. It will blend seamlessly with the highlighter, creating the most gentle light-reflective benefit, yielding a youthful, hydrated glow.

Starting at the base of the ear sweep Hedonist Mineral Bronzer #52 into the contour of the cheek. 

Warm Universalist Colorstick #8 (dusty rose)  with your fingertips and tap onto the apple of the cheeks – maintain a two-finger distance away from the nose!


Apply Elitist Mineral Shadow #833 (Matte Ivory) onto eyelid starting at the tear duct, blending up towards the brow.

Apply Elitist Mineral Shadow #825 (Golden Mocha) to outer half of lid, blending up towards the outer crease of the eye.

Tightly line the upper lid with the Hypnotist Natural Eyeliner (Black Velvet).



Apply Capitalist Matte Versatile Mineral Pigment #912. Using brow brush, begin creating definition at the top of the brow, starting at the inner eye, blending as you go. This gives a lively lift to the brow.


Use Narcissist Foundation Stick to create the ultimate nude lip.

Apply Paganist  Supernatural Lipgloss #1 (Luminous Pink).

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