in the case of Kismet, one of LA’s most celebrated new restaurants this year, “too much of a good thing” is just the right amount.

This Los Feliz hotspot is the culinary child of a gaggle of our fave folks including pros from Madcapra, Animal, Son of a Gun, and Jon & Vinny’s. In this month’s LA Bite of the Month, Celeste Wilson of The True Spoon is dishing on her favorite eats inside the female-run phenomenon… 

I’ve been obsessed with the Girlboss podcast lately. It’s an inspiring look into the trajectory of successful female entrepreneurs. My new girl power mantra has not only inspired me to reach my own entrepreneurial goals, but to support other girl bosses in their aspirations to succeed. Sarah Hymanson and Sara Kramer are two amazingly talented epicurean girl bosses, their new Silverlake restaurant Kismet is perfection.

What I ate: I ordered the lemony Inconnu Carneros pinot gris and pink lemonade to start, which thoroughly complemented the earthy sunflower seed tahini dressing of my favorite dish, the roasted radicchio with beets. In addition to my beets I enjoyed the Turkish breakfast “all the things, served with bread and greens”, Persian cucumbers, and a salad-y dish served topped with green apple slices.

Why I ate it: I would eat anything served at this alluring gem of a restaurant, fit for a hipster princess. Kismet’s interior features unique fixtures from other inspiring girl bosses including branded napkins from the Block Shop Textiles gals and handmade lighting from Helen Levi. As an added bonus Sarah/Sara are offering up a bright veg heavy middle eastern menu from dawn till dusk. I also ate it because the menu is damn healthy and I’m on that real nourishing food tip.

Why you need it: You need to experience this wine program. The delightfully funky wine program perfectly supports the primarily Israeli flavors of the Kismet menu. The Kismet menu reimagines Mid-East flavors for current day California in a very special way. It’s playful seasonings bring a cozy warmth to well known seasonal ingredients. It’s fresh AF and even your skeptical steak loving BF will enjoy.

I can’t wait to visit  again for dinner to experience the magic all over again. I’m so incredibly excited for the women of Kismet, they’ve already taken the east side food scene by storm with the success of this year old beauty. I’ll see you ladies there, power blazers in hand.

We’re all over the left coast too!

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