Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing pottery by mending the broken areas with gold, silver, or platinum – leaving the restoration clearly visible to others. In both a literal and philosophical sense, Kintsugi is about embracing breakage and the process of repair. It creates wholeness by highlighting that which binds the broken pieces, rather than treating that damage as something to hide.

We can learn a beautiful lesson from this concept; what happens when we stop striving for perfection and let our brokenness show? What if we stop trying to conceal our repairs, and instead see that ‘damage’ as proof of our resilience and strength. We become more whole and more capable of transformation.

Use these pretty kintsugi and kintsugi-inspired pieces below to remind yourself of the philosophy daily and learn more about the beautiful Japanese principle with these books all about the concept…

white and gold ceramic mugBERNARDAUD Kintsugi Porcelain Teacup | This pretty porcelain teacup features a goldtone design inspired by the centuries-old Japanese art that showcases imperfections in broken pottery. Learn about the art of tea ceremonies and feature this cup in your next one.  CHECK OUT

kintsugi book candice kumaiKINTSUGI WELLNESS BY CANDICE KUMAI | In this wellness guide, long-time TCM contributor and blogger babe, Candice Kumai, shares her favorite Japanese traditions and practices for cultivating inner strength and living a gracious life. it’s loaded with insights and dozens of recipes for healthy, Japanese-inspired cuisine. CHECK OUT

blue kintsugi bowlCeramic Bowl | This handmade bowl is one-of-a-kind and just the right size for overnight oats, noodles, or just a pile of seasonal veggies. CHECK OUT

kintsugi bookKintsugi by tomas naravvo | Learn how to embrace the adversity in your life, heal your wounds, and build a more resilient you in Céline Santini’s self-care book inspired by the ancient Japanese art of kintsugi. CHECK OUT

black kintsugi bowlCB2 MEND METALLIC BLACK SERVING BOWL | Black serving bowl design embraces the philosophy of treating cracks and repairs as part of the history of an object, rather than something to hide. Handpainted and glazed, each will be unique. CHECK OUT

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