NYC Bite Of The Month: The East Village Bar That Helps You Unwind (Sans Alcohol)

If you don’t already have a wind-down routine at the end of the day, you should probably get on that. Stress is a total mood-killer (literally), and luckily, you’ve got your pick of ways to soothe your soul and quiet your brain: meditation, yoga, reflexology – and now, this brilliant find in NYC.

Fellow Cali girl, Eater Drinks editor Kat Odell, has been scouring NYC each month and reporting back on the most healthy sipssnacks, and sweets the city has to offer (rough job, huh?). Her newest find is a super-powered tea from Kavasutra in the East Village. Kavasutra is a kava-only tea bar which specializes in helping you unwind, sans alcohol. Mixed drinks, shots, the classics – this healthy happy hour alternative seems like a dream after a long day of hustling on the job. Here’s Kat’s verdict on her new cocktail of choice…

What I ate:

Kavasurta’s kava tea.

Why I ate it:

Kavasutra is NYC’s first-ever bar dedicated to kava, a drink from the Pacific Islands that acts almost like Xanax – naturally relaxing the imbiber. So it’s a totally awesome and unique way to relax minus chemicals. Kavasutra offers cups of the “tea,” along with flavored shots of varying strength – depending on how loose you want to feel.

Why you need it:

Kava, made from the root of a plant in the pepper family, fights stress in a totally natural way. The best part about kava is that it will naturally relax your body, but it won’t affect your mind. Think about sipping kava as a new way to unwind, and even your sober friends can partake!

Where To Get It

Kavasutra is located in the East Village – but lucky for the rest of the country, they’ve also got locations in Colorado and Florida. (Editor’s note: we love this whole idea. Can a Kavasutra open in LA soon? Please and thank you!)

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