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We Ate The Unicorn Diet For One Full Day + It Was Magical
The Tutti Frutti from by CHLOE

I've collaborated with by CHLOE to create these gluten-free beet pancakes topped with pink coconut whipped cream! They're vibrant, vegan and made with all natural ingredients.



We Ate The Unicorn Diet For One Full Day + It Was Magical

If it’s possible to be an expert on unicorn food, Kat Odell is definitely it.  Our fave food writer (and new book author!) has been on board with the colorful trend long before it took over our Insta-feed…

It’s exciting to see that the term “unicorn food” is officially a thing. Last December I wrote a piece for The New York TimesT magazine on a blue-hued Unicorn Latte topped with colored sprinkles sold at The End in Williamsburg. A few weeks back, new Chinatown café The Good Sort debuted a vegan rainbow latte too. They make it from a mix of almond, coconut, and oat milk. It’s then hued in layers with beet, blue algae and turmeric. Rainbow toast †has been making the Instagram rounds too, inspiring a new wave of toast devoid of avocado.

Two-ish years ago I started @UnicornFoods Insta to track my early experiments with almond milk flavors and colors beyond white vanilla bean; sprinkling in spirulina to make spiced blue-green milk; adding rose petals for cardamom-rose milk; throwing in passion fruit and saffron to go yellow with cashew. I’m presently writing the Unicorn Food cookbook (slated to come out next year!). The recipe book will be a collection of brightly hued plant-based foods that are devoid of gluten and refined sugar.

I really don’t believe that “healthy” food needs to taste “healthy.” This rainbow trend drives that point home! As I see it, “unicorn food” is food that is as healthful as it is beautiful. The best part is it’s delicious, too. From a pastel rainbow of milks to snacks, here are a few reasons why I love unicorn food…

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