June Horoscopes

Aries, The Ram

The month of June definitely has a lot of cosmic activity, so let’s start from the top. We just had a New Moon eclipse in Gemini on May 20th and that new moon energy will carry us until the next new moon on June 19th. Gemini rules your 3rd house of communication, siblings, writing, speaking, learning and short trips. Since there was an eclipse in this sector of your chart these areas are highlighted in a major way for you. Have you been thinking about traveling, being an entrepreneur or going back to school? Even a publishing deal could come through for you this month. A Full moon in compatible fire sign Sagittarius culminates on June 4th in your optimistic 9th house. You might get some fantastic publicity regarding your career or be heading out of town on a trip. This full moon is an eclipse so there seems to be a lot of travel, writing & or speaking coming up for you in the coming 6 months. Venus turned retrograde in Gemini on May 15th until June 28th. Venus retrogrades ask us to take a closer look at intimacy, giving and receiving and values. Since Venus rules your 7th house of committed relationships you might have a few snags with relationships that should sort themselves out by month’s end. Your ruler Mars is still moving through Virgo your 6th house of health and service all month. You are a busy bee with no shortage of work and you might be taking a more serious approach to eating right and exercising. What a spectacular month & year you have ahead of you dear Aries!

Taurus, The Bull

It’s a busy month in the cosmos with eclipses and retrograde planets.  The last new moon fell in Gemini your 2nd house of earned income and resources. Many Taurus could be changing jobs this month with the eclipses taking place in your money houses. Your resources are changing for the better now. Energizer Mars is in Virgo all month in your 5th house of creativity. Start on that creative project or indulge in some candlelit romance, you’ve got that special spark this month.  A full moon arrives on June 4th in Sagittarius your 8th house of other people’s money and resources. It’s the perfect time to invest, get a mortgage or loan. Venus is retrograde in Gemini until the 28th in your income sector until the 28th of the month. Hold off on making any major purchases or changing your appearance. Venus rules your sign so its best to wait until Venus goes direct at month’s end. Lucky Jupiter is in its’ final days of touring your 1st house of the self.  This year you have seen so many personal changes from love to jobs. Jupiter is entering your income sector mid June to stay for a year. 2012 to early 2013 could be the best years you have seen for generating more resources.

Gemini, The Twins

Happy Birthday Gemini! The Sun is shinning in your sign until the 19th of the month. It’s the perfect time to get out there and start anew; in astrology your birthday is always your personal new year. Start setting goals of where you would like to be in 6 months from now.  The month begins with a full moon in Sagittarius your partnership house on June 4th. This is the perfect time to make a commitment whether for a business or personal relationship. June 4th is also an eclipse, which is even more powerful than a typical full moon. Many Gemini’s could even be tying the knot or getting engaged this month! Lucky Jupiter also enters your sign this month paving your way to a fresh new start for the next year. You may hardly recognize your life next year, but its’ all for the better.  Mars is direct speed all month in your 4th house of home & family. Many of you might be buying/selling/renting property this month or perhaps you’re just upgrading your current space. Venus is retrograde in your sign until the 28th the month. You may feel a bit stuck early in the month, but everything soothes itself out by month’s end. How exciting Gemini, you’re ready to show the world who you are starting in June.

Cancer, The Crab

Cancer, it’s a busy month in the stars with eclipses & Venus the planet of beauty retrograde. The Sun is spending most of the month in your hidden 12th house. This is an excellent month to finish up any unfinished business until the Sun enters your sign on the 21st.  You might even be working on a project in solitude most of the month. Additionally, if you have thought about joining a humanitarian cause or volunteering you have excellent aspects. A full moon eclipse in Sagittarius falls in your 6th house of work and health. It’s ideal timing to diet, cleanse or start an exercising regime. Joining a gym, Pilates or yoga studio will give you just the momentum you need to start working on your fitness. Mars is direct speed in your 3rd house of communication & short trips.  You’re a busy communicator this month; writing; speaking & learning or short travel could occupy much of your time this month. Once the Sun enters Cancer later in the month you will be ready to start fresh. Your best ideas & inspiration will come from dreams; meditating or working alone this month.

Leo, The Lion

You have such an exciting month ahead of you. Let’s start from the top; the Sun is shinning in your 11th house of groups and friendships until the 20th of the month. You’re feeling extra social this month; you will be busy attending social functions. The month opens on a bright note for you with a full moon eclipse in Sagittarius your romantic 5th house on June 4th. It’s time to do something self-expressive, fun, and creative. If you are single the coming 6 months could bring love; if attached you will be able to spend more quality time with your partner. You have been quite busy with finances as energizer Mars has been going through your 2nd house of earned income. Your spending could be higher now but also your ability to generate more income is excellent. Venus the planet of love & beauty is retrograde in your 11th until the 28th of the month. Use this time to reconnect with friends you haven’t seen in a long time. There could even be a reunion now. When the sun drifts into Cancer your 12th house on the 20th you will feel more like relaxing and spending some quiet time at home. The first 3 weeks of June favor fun and socializing. Your friendship circle is expanding in a major way starting this month.

Virgo, The Virgin

Are you ready for some major career progress? You are such a hard worker Virgo & now is the time for you to reap the rewards of all your hard work. VIP’s and others in your industry are looking at you favorably now! You may receive a promotion, bonus or an award. Venus, the planet of love is retrograde all month. You might be in the midst of negotiations or changing jobs, but when Venus turns direct on the 28th you will see any issues or delays quickly resolved. Mars in your sign until July has you feeling super energetic and ready to take charge. If you have extra energy to burn try an afternoon walk or run. A full moon eclipse in Sagittarius arrives on June 4th in your 4th house. Many Virgos are moving or are making changes to their home within a few days of this date.  A job relocation could even be on the radar. Jupiter the planet of good fortune arrives in Gemini your 10th house of Career mid-month to stay for the next year. Traveling could be part of your job this year & your accommodations should be nothing short of spectacular. There is no stopping you this month dear Virgo.

Libra, The Balance

Traveling is on your mind this month Libra with the Sun shinning in your house of long distance journeys. Do you have an exotic destination in mind? You could be even traveling for work and if so you will love the accommodations. This month also highlights media, marketing, and higher learning. You may receive some publicity this month whether it comes from TV or print, your name could be out for the world to see. A full moon eclipse arrives as June begins on the 4th falling in Sagittarius your 3rd house of communication. A weekend getaway or short business trip could come to fruition at this time. Your ruler Venus is retrograde all month, retrogrades are always a good time to go back to the past & finish anything that you already started. Remember that project you started but never finished? The old boyfriend or girlfriend that slipped away? Going back to the past will give you comfort & closure now. Energizer Mars is in Virgo your mystical 12th house until July opening your intuition & having you crave more quiet time. Once the Sun slips into Cancer on the 21st you will be focused on your career. Any heaviness you have been feeling should feel as though a weight is being lifted this month.

Scorpio, The Scorpion

You have money on the mind this month Scorpio. The sun is in Gemini your 8th house of shared resources. You might be receiving some unexpected cash this month whether it comes from a spouse, settlement or insurance payment. The 8th house also rules transformation. Get out of your outworn routines and start something fresh that makes you feel good. A Full moon eclipse in Sagittarius on June 4th falls in your 2nd house of earned income. If you are looking for a new job or extra way to earn income this could be your big moment. Energizer Mars is barreling through your 11th house of long term goals & friends until July. You have the momentum you need to go after whatever it is you seek. When the Sun shifts into Cancer on the 21st of the month you may be ready to travel or launch a major media endeavor. Venus the planet of love is retrograde until the 28th, causing some minor hiccups in the love department. An ex may even reappear, so use this time for reflection.

Sagittarius, The Archer

It’s all about partnerships this month Sag! The Sun is shinning its light into your commitment sector. You’re signing the contract, making a verbal agreement or even putting a ring on it.  The month opens with a full moon eclipse falling in your sign on June 4th.  This is a big moment for you where a lot is changing; you might be switching jobs, homes, and possibly relationships. A new you is being created, and fresh starts abound. Mars is in fine form this month going through your 10th house of career and recognition. Are you ready to make some major moves when it comes to your job? Now is the time! Venus is retrograde all month in your 7th house of commitments; an old flame may pop back into the picture. When the Sun drifts into Cancer later in the month you will be focused on money matters. Moreover, if you need an investor for a project you have the stars on your side come the 3rd week on the month. June 8th is a 5 star day so plan important meetings and initiations for this date. This month is all about pairs Sag whether it’s for business or your personal life.

Capricorn, The Goat

June is all about treating your body like a temple Capricorn. You are in need of some healthy time, try out yoga, the gym Pilates or doing a cleanse. The Sun is in Gemini your health sector until the 3rd week or the month. Practice patience when it comes to your daily routine, there might be a few minor delays with Venus retrograde in the same sector. A full moon eclipse arrives on June 4th falling in Sagittarius your 12th house of closure. Perhaps you’re busy working behind the scenes on a special project or preparing for a move. With go-getter Mars in earthy Virgo you might have a busy travel schedule or your thinking of taking up a course. If you have been looking for a new job or a promotion it could come up at month’s end. When the Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st your focus will be on forming partnerships both in business and your personal life. Use this month to get your mind & body in proper alignment until later this month.

Aquarius, The Water-Bearer

It’s a fun month for you dear Aquarius! Everyone wishes his or her month were packed with as much fun as you have ahead of you. The sun is shining in Gemini your 5th house of fun and romance until the 21st of the month. Love is a big theme for you now Aquarius. Henceforth, if you have a creative project you have been holding off on, now is perfect timing. The Full moon eclipse in Sagittarius on June 4th illuminates your 11th house of groups & friends. A friend or acquaintance may invite you to a highly social event. Your group of friends could be expanding at this time. Mars is visiting Virgo your 8th of other people’s money all month. If you are searching for a home loan, or you need an investor this is an excellent time to initiate! When the Sun enters Cancer on the 21st of the month your attention will turn to physical exercise and your job. If you’re single get out there and mingle you never know whom you could meet. If attached enjoy the first 3 weeks to have some romantic evenings with your partner. It’s going to be a fantastic month, enjoy!

Pisces, The Fishes

It’s a major month when it comes to your career and home life, Pisces. The sun and by mid-month lucky Jupiter are visiting your domestic 4th house. There has never been a better time to make your home a sanctuary. Many Pisces may move or spruce up their current home. A full moon eclipse culminates in Sagittarius, your 10th house of career and recognition, on June 4th. You could be ready to move up the ladder when it comes to your career. VIPs have been watching all the hard working you have been putting in. At last you are about to get the recognition you deserve. Energizer Mars has been heading through your 7th house of partnerships. You are ready to forge relationships both personally and professionally. Venus is retrograde in your 4th house of home and family all month. There could be a delay with moving or sprucing up your home, be patient Pisces. An old flame may even pop back into the picture with Venus retrograde until the 28th. Chances are if you let them go the first time around, a second time won’t be any different. It’s a happy month for you on the job and home front with much to celebrate!

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