We dare you to jump up and down for just one minute and tell us you don’t feel every part of your body being put to work. An old-school jump rope workout is the perfect combo of cardio and strength training; and as this full-body blast only requires a single piece of equipment (if you can even call it that), an exercise routine like this one is ideal for waking up sleepy muscles after a long flight. This simple circuit from L.A.-based blogger babe, Lauren Gores Ireland, only takes fifteen minutes to complete but trust us – the benefits (and burn) are just as epic as a full-blown gym sesh…

Ever feel sore and sluggish after a long flight (or even just a long day of sitting at a desk)? My body always begins to ache about an hour into my trip. By the time I arrive at the airport, my mood (and joints!) feel under stress. Hence, the reason why I’ve adopted the best post-flight workout there is: jump roping.

My trainer, MadFit owner Mike Alexander, taught me a quick jump-roping circuit that you can do from your hotel room – or any room for that matter! This cardio workout will get your heart rate up, increase blood flow and elevate your mood. Plus, you don’t need a ton of bulky equipment. This circuit will work your butt, calves and quads.

Here’s how to jump rope your jet lag away..

The 15 Minute Jump Rope Workout
Repeat this circuit three times 

JUMP ROPE IN PLACE | Kick off your workout with one minute of traditional jump roping. This will warm up your body while challenging your mind to get out of its sluggish state.

LATERAL JUMPS | Place the rope in the shape of a wide ‘U’ on the ground. Begin with your feet just outside the rope, with one foot slightly off the floor. Jump to the other side, ending in the same position you started in. Repeat this for one minute.

LATERAL HOPS | Slide both sides of the rope in, so they’re nearly touching. Quickly hop back and forth over the rope for a minute.

SQUAT JUMPS | This part of the routine is aimed at working your bum. Jump rope normally while adding a deep squat each time you hit the floor. Hold the squat position for a few seconds before lifting off the ground again. Repeat 15 times.

LUNGE JUMPS | Jump rope normally for one minute while adding a lunge to each hop! Meaning, you’ll begin in a lunge position and switch sides, as you’re airborne each time.

Note: If this is too tricky, simply run in place with your jump rope for one minute.

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