Fashion Star Julia Frakes’ 13 Favorite Natural Wonders

Julia Frakes is a bright and multi-talented young lady. Some might call her a guru when it comes to fashion. Growing up with a family in the garment business, she had an eye for fashion at an early age. Julia is remarkably intellectual with a passion for politics and psychology. She found herself trotting the globe as a teenage girl, working as a fashion writer for Paper Magazine. Julia is currently a student of psychology in Pennslyvania and balances her time as a model with Next in NYC and as contributor to several publications, including Dossier Journal. We asked Julia to share 13 of her favorite healthy spots and products with us.

Julia Frakes’ 13 favorite Natural Wonders:

1 Dr. Bronner Magic Baby Soap
J. Colby Smith (the warmhearted piercing maestro of NY Adorned) recommended Dr. Bonner’s gentlest formula as aftercare to keep my new conch and upper helix piercings squeaky-clean. Suddenly, my right ear was as soft as a baby’s bottom… and so as to avoid the rest of my appendages from becoming jealous, I now use it as my general body soap in the shower.

2 One Lucky Duck
1LD’s guacamole is… holy.  Attention cilantro fans: this is IT.

3 Ironbound Island Wild Atlantic Dulse  I am tempted to describe this in all sorts of clichés—like, say, “It tastes like the sea!”—but I won’t… (although it does, and it is fantastic). Their wild dulse is slightly roastier than most; once a stranger in a queue to purchase it proclaimed to me (and to the entire line, for that matter) that it tastes like “bacon bits on acid!” It ought to be noted that I reckon he was, in fact, on acid.

4 Dr. Alkaitis Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser
I’ve used Dr. Alkaitis’ cleanser for about six years now… and whenever I run out, without fail, my skin sends many o’ less-than-elegant reminders to restock.

5 Phylia de M. shampoo and rinse   Big shout-out to Linlee Allen for recommending the Phylia de M. haircare line, as it has saved my hair from all the requisite photoshoot wear-and-tear – teasing, hairglue, extensions, liquid cement (or whatever they purport to call the “hair-grade formula” nowadays)  – with this lovingly handcrafted collection of products.

6 Josie Maran Magic Marker Argan Liquid Eye Liner
Fact: I am completely inept in the makeup application department, but a simple lipstick and this foolproof liner? That much I can muster.

7 Priti Polish
It’s called “Priti” for a reason.  Plus the prettiest shades’ eco-conscious formula don’t smell like a battery factory, which is always a bonus in my book.

8 SeaSnax
Classic Olive Oil & Sea Salt Nori. Obsessed.

9 Coconut Secret’s raw coconut aminos seasoning sauceI can’t recall the last time that I have craved Bragg’s or any other Tamari-based sauces since discovering coconut aminos.  Game-changer.

10 Hansel from Basel
The most adorable socks, stockings, leggings and accessories in the universe.  (Also, my mom’s boutique Jane Leslie & Co. sells the line, so you should totes m’goats buy it


11 Cooking Sprouts Program
My best friend Meghan Farrell (of Maison Kitsuné and designer of MF Jewelry) is involved in Cooking Sprouts, a wonderful children’s vegetable gardening and cooking program in Brooklyn.  Check it out!

12 Deer DanaDana Veraldi is so on the pulse and her celebrated collaborations and trademark well-edited and super cool coterie of VIP face-emblazoned t-shirts are crazy-covetable.  (Majorly crushing on the Alber Elbaz, Ricky Rozay, President Barack Obama, and Miuccia Prada shirts myself.)

13 Stoeger Ol organic Austrian pumpkin seed oil
Stoeger Ol is widely-considered to be the top-dog pumpkin seed oils.  And yes, it is about as difficult to find as it is to pronounce.

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