Summer weekends are in full swing and with them comes a fair share of backyard BBQs, beach soirees and other opportunities to drink rosé in the name of warm weather and old friends. We’re right there with you, embracing fun times as they come, but maintaing a sense of balance makes us feel even better, and keeps us chugging through the heat.

The key to enjoying all that rosé in good health is good planning. Here’s what we’re drinking before and after to keep our bodies in tip-top, super-hydrated condition…

To start your day: If you’ve got a social pool day in front of you, or plans for a night out after a long day at work, consider kicking off your morning with warm lemon water. This combo will deeply hydrate your system, tone your digestion and get your whole body in a strong, alkaline state. We pour ourselves a bottle of Pressed Juicery lemon cayenne h2o first thing in the AM. Split it between two mugs, add hot water from a kettle, and you’ve got a pair of power shots to start the day right.

Before bed, after a big night:Between the warm weather and the dehydrating nature of cocktails, go ahead and just stock your fridge with plenty of coconut water this summer. We make it a habit to drink a bottle of Pressed Juicery’s coconut h2o before bed, especially following rosé-fueled evenings with the girls. Potassium and other natural minerals help our bodies recover and rehydrate which makes for an infinitely better morning after.

the next morning: If a summer night out catches up with you more than you expected the next morning, consider a breakfast that includes free-range eggs, grass-fed butter and coconut – trust us, the healthy fats and minerals will help you recover quickly. Then try a shot of ginger, lemon and cayenne for some stomach-settling and immunity-boosting, or a shot of turmeric and coconut water for major anti-inflammatory benefits. Pressed Juicery’s tiny Vitality and Wellness shots are available in some stores and are our absolute favorite products from the brand! (Truth: our refrigerator door is filled with a dozen of these cute little bottles at all times!)

a healthier cocktail: Pressed Juicery citrus 3 makes the perfect base for a summer cocktail. As long as we’ll be drinking up something pink, why not juice it up with mineralizing grapefruit and nourishing mint? Simply pour an ounce or two in a flute with some good champagne and mission accomplished!: we get a better-for-you cocktail plus a dose of wellness-inducing, liver-loving grapefruit too!

We also love this rosé sangria by Athena Caldrone. For another flavorful boost of hydration in cocktails, check out the brand new version of Pressed Juicery’s classic summer flavor, Watermelon Mint, which has just hit stores – take a peek at the new ingredient addition here. Cheers!

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