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The only thing we love more than listening to a good podcast is talking about that podcast to everyone we know. Can you relate?

We’re spotlighting a few of our favorite wellness-leaning podcasts episodes here in a new series with that in mind (see the first pick here).

Jordan Younger is The Balanced Blonde – check out her incredible health journey here. The Balanced Blonde podcast is called Soul on Fire and has quickly climbed the health and wellness pod charts thanks to her devoted following. This week, she launched her latest episode with ours truly, TCM co-founder and Editor in Chief, Suzanne Hall. Here’s why we loved it…

The Pod: The Balanced Blonde podcast, Soul on Fire; Episode #59: The Art of Living Well with The Chalkboard Mag

The Message:  Jordan’s podcast, Soul on Fire, covers everything from blogging and branding to fitness and spirituality through casual chats with wellness community pros.

In this episode, Jordan chats with friend and “mega-wellness-branding inspiration”, Suzanne Hall, about how she turned her passion for living well into the TCM mini-verse. The two talk natural beauty secrets, their favorite LA wellness haunts, clean living rituals, how to build a brand team and wellness empire, how to turn your passion into your career, intuitive eating, why they’re both obsessed with living well, and so much more.

Why We Loved It: Clearly, we’re partial – but we loved hearing Suzanne’s personal take on everything from juice cleansing, health trend pros and cons, and life balance. Jordan and Suzanne throw out a few killer takeaways on meaningful content creation, finding life balance, and how wellness is evolving these days.

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