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There are two types of fitness accounts we follow on social media; the ones that feed us inspo and the ones that actually get us moving. Joja by Victoria’s Secret models Josephine Skriver (Jo) and Jasmine Tookes (Ja) is both.

There’s something sweet about seeing two friends pair up – and we can’t think of the last time two models synced up in this way on social media. We love the creative, positive, high-energy vibe the two put out as they demo workouts, travel and share healthy tips.

Here are three fitspo moments we loved lately from Josephine and Jasmine’s feed…

Josephine’s fit accessories… Why would we make a hard workout even harder? Um…why wouldn’t we? Using small but burn-inducing accessories — like sticking a ball behind your knee for booty kicks — is an extra challenge to our stability and strength and gets our smaller muscles working as hard as the major ones.

besties who burn… There are too many partner workouts in the Joja feed to count. Partnering up gives us a sense of accountability and makes hitting our fitness goals feel more like a hang out than a work out. From simple exercises like standing partner push-ups at the beach, to athletic activities like tennis by the ocean, we love seeing all the ways these besties burn together!

Who said fitness has to happen in a gym? We love Joja’s creative use of their surroundings for amazing workouts on-the-go. Wrap a resistance band around a tree (a tropical palm works best, obvi) for a shoulder press sesh. Use any high surface (bench, low wall, chair etc) for next-level planks or Bulgarian squats (the ladies say the key here is to not let your front knee bend over your toe).

Who do you follow for fitness tips on Insta?
Share in the comments below and check out a few of our faves here!

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