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JESSICA ALBA’S TRAINER, Ramona Braganza is a global fitness expert whose past clients have included Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, and Scarlett Johansson.

Jessica was just 17 when Ramona first started training her, but Ramona is best known as the go-to trainer for many Hollywood mothers. Her postpartum workout helped celebrities like Halle and Jessica lose pregnancy pounds safely and effectively. She helped Ashlee Simpson Ross drop 50 pregnancy pounds!

An advocate for boosting cellular NAD+ levels as we age, Ramona partnered with Tru Niagen® to raise awareness around the benefits of cellular energy, defense, repair, vitality and encourage her clients to age healthier.Tru Niagen supplements recommended by Jessica Alba trainer

“Exercise, such as weight training, can be a great way to maintain bone density, which decreases as we age,” explains Mona Rosene, MS, RD, ​​and Global Director, Scientific Affairs at ChromaDex. “However, we also know that strenuous physical exercise that results in overtraining takes a toll on your body and can deplete your NAD+ levels, a vital coenzyme found in all cells and a necessary component in energy generation in mitochondria, which ultimately powers the body.”

Tru Niagen® contains a super-nutrient clinically proven to boost NAD+ levels by up to 50% in as little as 2 weeks (or use 40-50% after 8 weeks)

 Jessica Alba’s Go-To Weight Routine

I have been Jessica Alba’s trainer for over a decade – we first trained together when she was 17-28 and once again now in her 40s. I have always included strength training with dumbbells in our workouts because she believes it supports brain function as we age.

I use my 3•2•1 Training Method, which contains a proven combination of 3 x Cardio Segments, 2 x Circuits of Strength Training and 1 x Core Segment. Each workout allows us to touch on fat loss, muscle building and maintaining strong and defined abs.

All ‘must-have’ exercises require challenging sets of legs, glutes, chest, back, arms and abs. For example, a typical full body workout could look like this:

Cardio Warmup: I always love to start with plyometric jumps as they really help to warm up the full body

First Circuit: 3 sets of the full circuit with a 1 minute break
+ Bench step overs – 20 steps
+ Single leg dumbbell row – 10 reps per side using a 20 pound dumbbell
+ Goblet squat – 10 reps using 20-25 pounds weights

Cardio Segment: 10 minutes on a spin bike to peak the heart rate

Second Circuit: 3 sets of the full circuit with a 1 minute break
+ Incline Chest press – 15 reps using 12-15 pounds
+ Lateral raises – 15 reps using 5 pounds
+ Overhead Tricep press – 12 reps using 15 pounds

Cardio Segment: Jog on the treadmill or walk uphill for 10 minutes

Core: Mountain climbers on gliders, bicycle or plank

9 Reasons Weight Training Is Key
for Women As They Age

1. Muscle mass decreases approximately 3-8% per decade after the age of 30 and this rate of decline is even higher after the age of 60! As I am now 60 I notice that even with a regular program that is not nearly as challenging as when I was younger, I can still notice small changes in my daily life that aren’t as easy as before, things like opening jars, lifting boxes, etc. Maintaining your strength is imperative especially if you want to keep your independence.

2. Weight training or resistance training promotes not only strength and size of muscles but contributes to better balance and coordination which can help you reduce the risk of falls.

3. Nutrition is as important as lifting weights when it comes to building muscle, eating enough protein (recommended at every meal and every snack) and hydration (at least 2 liters of water daily).

4. I am an advocate of elevating our cellular Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) levels because it is responsible for 90% of our body’s energy and declines with age.

Essentially, NAD+ helps facilitate the conversion of nutrients into energy and is an essential cofactor for cellular repair enzymes. Because muscles require a lot of energy, it’s important to replenish NAD+ levels used in repair as it helps with overall muscle health and recovery. I recently discovered Tru Niagen® and am thrilled to be a new partner as it’s a patented super-nutrient, clinically proven to boost NAD+ levels. Not to mention it’s backed by two Nobel Prize Winners! It’s hands down my number one supplement and I recommend it to everyone.jessica alba personal trainer tips

5. Bone Density is also increased with weight training reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Jessica Alba has mentioned to me that this disease runs in her family and so we make it a point to strength train often.

6. Strength training can help with body fat loss. Not only do women and men burn calories during the workout but also when resting as “after burn” as muscles require more calories elevating metabolism.

7. Better sleep and lower stress and anxiety is a by-product of strength training. I recommend at least 3 sessions a week alternating body parts.

8. Achieve tone and to keep shapely arms, legs, abs, etc. research shows that adding resistance training to your workout routine is a proven method for increasing lean body mass. No matter what age, muscle makes you look younger.

9. Maintaining muscles in your legs will help you to remain mobile, doing functional movements like climbing stairs, hills, etc. Having muscles can help ease pain in your joints.

Shop Tru Niagen®: Take $20 off any order over $150 with our exclusive code TAKE20 Ramona’s top advice for boosting cellular NAD+ levels as we age — encourage cellular energy, defense, repair, vitality and healthier aging.truniagen codeThese statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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