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We’ve been talking about jade roller for years. But what if we told you that the jade roller was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the holistic skincare tools that are available these days?

We cozied up with holistic skin care pro, Hayley Wood, last week and had to know everything about her extensive range of skincare tools – including a couple we’d never even seen before.

We’re already addicted to the yin yang roller which Hayley recommends for specific acupressure points, loved learning more about gua sha’s (which we’ve been hearing a lot about lately) and are detailing everything else Hayley has laid out here for us below…

Gua ShaGua sha (shell or heart-shaped crystal disks in photos) is one of my favorite self-care rituals for any skin condition, because it helps calm the nervous system to help promote the natural self-healing capabilities of the skin. The key to a great gua sha practice is to take it slowly and softly by gliding your stone of choice (I prefer a jade stone) flat on your skin in an outward motion. A lot of people think you need to really dig at the skin and use the ridges of the stone to make a difference but the key to great skin health is supporting the lymphatic system, which is directly under the skin. No need for lots of pressure, just the natural pressure of the stone of the skin is enough. I love to close my eyes and breathe as I work through all the different ecosystems of my skin. It’s an opportunity for me to connect with what my skin is communicating with me and also with how I’m feeling overall. It’s an excellent self-care practice with so many benefits for all skin conditions. CHECK OUT


Jade Rolling or Rose Quartz Rolling

Jade rolling is a beautiful addition to anyone’s skin care routine at home to help with cooling the skin, lifting the skin and reducing puffiness. I find it can also be great to help relieve tension in areas like the jaw or middle of the eyebrows, which can become severely uncomfortable for some people. By simply using the roller in a gentle upward-and-out motion on all areas of the skin, you can help help your skincare to work more effectively. I like to use this practice once I’ve applied my serum and/or moisturizer to help really permeate the ingredients into my skin. CHECK OUT


The Multireflex ToolsThese tools (shown above on right) are all really different in how they can promote skin healing, but the main concept behind them is they focus on balancing your yin and yang energy. Most tools will have both a yin and a yang side to help stimulate the right flow for your healing. The best part is that it becomes a practice in which you can become your own healer. You do this by testing each side of the tool; whichever side feels more favorable is the side in which you need to focus more attention on.

For example, if you have an excess of yang energy, which is common with individuals who carry a lot of excess heat and fluid (rosacea and acne-based conditions) you will most likely favor the yin side of the tool to help promote a balance.

An excess of yin is more prominently found in stagnated conditions like deep-set wrinkles, scars and hyperpigmentation. A lot of people tend to have a little bit of both, so it’s nice to play around with the tool to feel what is best for each ecosystem of your skin.

Simply roll the side of your choice horizontally on the skin for up to two minutes, and then switch to rolling vertically in order to reach all of the fibers in your skin. The most popular tool would definitely be the 206, but the 252 is great for anyone looking to really work on some deeper wrinkles like the pesky “11s” between the brows.


With each practice, you can safely do it up to twice a day during your routine. Both the gua sha and multireflex are best used on dry, clean skin with a little mist to help glide (like a rose water). The jade rolling is great once the product is on the skin. You can care for these tools by cleaning them with gentle soap water and immediately drying them to ensure that bacteria doesn’t spread and water doesn’t disintegrate the integrity of the tool.

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