Anthony Anderson On The Benefits Of Eating Raw

Model and lifestyle blogger Anthony Anderson is not defined by the typical trappings of the fashion world. When he’s not shooting campaigns for brands like Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger, Anthony spends his free time pursuing his true passions: gardening, health consulting, and spreading awareness about green living. The Chalkboard recently caught up with this Raw Model to talk home fitness, go-to grooming products, and the evolution of his raw foods diet.

The Chalkboard Mag: How long have you been actively interested in health and exercise?
AA: I started working out more regularly when I was in college, but my diet was still full of highly processed foods. At the time, I felt that it was “healthy enough.” A little over ten years ago, I made a decision to go raw, and the rest is history.

TCM: What was the turning point for you to change your lifestyle?
AA: The turning point for me happened when I woke up to all the horrors of factory farming. I just couldn’t put my support—and money—towards such a destructive and harmful industry.

TCM: What is your personal philosophy?
AA: I believe our main purpose in this life is to bring paradise back to the planet. To turn it into an abundant place again where poverty and crime have no reason to exist.

TCM: Has your diet and your healthier lifestyle helped your modeling career?
AA: My diet has immensely helped my career. Inflammation went away, my skin cleared up, and I shed the excess weight from leaving the processed foods behind.

TCM: What is your current exercise regime like?
AA: I live in NYC mostly, so I walk around quite a bit each day. For proper exercise, I do push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and pull-ups at home. I used to go to the gym, but now I just watch Netflix or YouTube as I work out at home and it’s so much faster and easier.

TCM: If a person could do one thing to improve their health on a daily basis what would you suggest?
AA: Get educated about GMOs (genetically modified organisms). If you can cut out those as much as possible, you will be removing most processed foods and bad oils from your diet. If you can consciously avoid GMOs, you’ll be on the fast track towards repairing your body. Another tip to improve your health is eating foods rich in Omega-3s and cut down on the Omega-6s.

TCM: Can you recommend any grooming products for the guys out there?
AA: To be honest, good ole coconut oil and Argan oil work great. I like to keep it pretty simple. Dr. Bronner’s Soap for all hygiene needs, and I even use it for toothpaste now…I’m hooked!

TCM: What are some of your tips and tricks for eating healthy while traveling?
AA: Check sites like Happycow.net for healthy places to eat before you arrive. I bring along basics like dark chocolate and nuts to get me through tough times. Knowing where to get fresh fruit while you’re traveling will make a huge difference, as well, and adds more excitement to the trip if the fruits are new to you. Try finding local farmers markets wherever you go.

TCM: How has your diet evolved since you initially went raw?
AA: My diet has transitioned quite a bit since I decided to go raw in 2004. I shifted to a lower sugar diet that includes high quality, grass-fed animal products. It was something that I was dogmatically against for years, but after I experimented with it, I felt much more grounded and stable. I now eat much more wild food, as well. My initial raw vegan diet was primarily domesticated fruits and greens, and the detox left me feeling wonderful. However, for the long term, it wasn’t a sustainable diet for my health. Everyone is different, of course, and our genetics play into it, but I feel that once I opened up to eating raw, things became far easier for me. My weight finally stabilized, I didn’t have to work out all the time to burn the sugars. Plus, I didn’t have to snack every few hours.

TCM: What’s an easy recipe you could recommend for people new to raw food?
AA: An apple cut in pieces and paired with almond butter, then dusted with cinnamon is a really easy and satisfying snack. I like to use Granny Smith apples or some heirlooms that aren’t so sweet. This works great with carrots and celery, too.

For more information and to read more, check out RawModel.

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