Can you even imagine the kind of vibes pouring out of the Tucson Gem Show? Every year, geo-geeks and gemstone freaks gather in Arizona for a mammoth display of all the prettiest rocks the earth has to offer – and we’re getting an exclusive tour from the leading lady of Energy Muse, Heather Askinosie. Learn which crystals we’re stockpiling stat, and how a pro picks them…

For two weeks, the largest sampling of our world’s crystals takes over a small town in Arizona. Even the most metaphysically cynical turn into kids in a candy store at the sight of the Tucson Gem Show’s offering of healing crystals. Whether or not you believe in the energetic pull of a stone, the draw you feel when your eyes set upon a blazing red chunk of Rhodochrosite is undeniable. Just as the flashing fissure of an Amethyst geode pulls you into its sparkling realm, this world of minerals and stones beckons you to explore. A child-like curiosity takes over, and you feel yourself wanting to dig through piles of rocks to find your favorite, or just walk from room to room hoping that the enormity of dazzling discoveries has no end.

The intuitive nature of selecting a crystal in environments like these is what crystal energy is all about. It’s about letting the crystal call to you, and recognizing how each particular rock makes you feel. With all the heady talk we engage in when it comes to metaphysics, the experience of crystal energy is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is stop thinking, and feel. Even when crystals are your business, the gem show still comes down to the basic practice of listening for a crystal’s call. The messages we received from crystals at the show this year were loud and clear, and we couldn’t be more excited to share…

Labradorite: The iridescence of this crystal reminds us of the light that shines within us. Through encouraging us to free our inner flash, Labradorite prompts us to explore every dimension of our personality’s light.

Amethyst: Each Amethyst evokes a different level of intuition. Amethyst possesses a whole range of shades from deep grape to light lavender—each hue responding to certain shades of our intuition, opening them up and stimulating new attractions. Pink Amethyst in particular blesses us with a tranquil energy that is ready to receive love and opportunities. Contained within each shade of Amethyst is an entirely unique component of benefits. Trust yourself, and go with the shade you’re drawn to. Its frequency will connect with the aspect of intuition where you most need it. Being among all these shades of Amethysts in one place is like being in an ice cream shop; it allows you to experience the energy of each shade, and choose which flavor of Amethyst is right for you.

Malachite: The movement of this stone guide us through the many dimensions of our being. A multi-dimensional stone, it motivates the spirit to take on necessary transformations. By enlivening the soul with a strong current of energetic flow, shifts in perspective become welcome challenges rather than intimidating changes.

Pyrite: The cubic question posed by Pyrite is: are you going to put yourself in a box, or set yourself free? Pyrite wants to show you the way out of your self-imposed confines, and bring you toward the light illuminating from beyond your current state of being.

Aura Quartz: Just like the rainbow possesses perfect symmetry, the spectrum of colors within Aura Quartz crystals will bring your spirit into perfect symmetry with your mind. When you align the chakras in your body, you shift and transmute any negative energy. In helping us to bring harmony to our chakras, Aura Quartz stones remind us that we must have balance in our chakras to have balance in our life.

Included quartz: Every included quartz crystal develops in a way that is special to that crystal; they all have a story that is unique to them. As you look inside Included Quartz, you are reminded of the beauty that is the individual journey. Crystals take millions of years to develop. Holding a piece of Included Quartz helps us to see that we are never done forming and that no change is too late to make. What’s the story you’ve been telling yourself that no longer serves you? Included Quartz will bring you the clarity and confidence to see what steps you need to take in a new direction.

Bumblebee Jasper: Tapping into your inner queen bee, Bumblebee Jasper will bring out your inner magnificence. Bees are creatures that are as comfortable being social within their community as they are exploring on their own. By connecting with that energy, you will reawaken the urge to nourish close bonds as well as the drive to go out by yourself and taste the sweet honey of opportunities awaiting you.

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