GOOD DESIGN is all in the details. And Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattron of Consort Design have mastered them.

We’re touring their latest design endeavor above and drooling over the fresh, clean new space they’ve designed for The Honest Co. This light-washed standalone bungalow at Jessica Alba’s new Honest Co. HQ is what work life dreams are made of.

Consort Design builds inspired spaces for many in Hollywood’s young, creative crowd, from Jen Atkin to Nina Dobrev.

This unique new space is homey and welcoming while still super functional. The cozy-luxe combo isn’t an easy look to achieve, but it’s a vibe like no other when done right. We asked the Consort Design duo about key pieces, functional details and a few simple design tips to take home…

Inspiration behind the space...

We wanted visitors of the Honest Company to experience the brand in an organic way, so we built a house inside the headquarters, decorated in high-contrast Scandinavian style, and placed all the products naturally throughout the home.

3 rules for creating comfort...

+ Pile on the pillows.
+ Mix and match colors and texture.
+ Incorporate personal touches. Surrounding yourself with heirlooms, family photos, and mementos from your travels makes any house feel like a home.

Every stylish office needs...

A cute little dog. They look so great in the office, and whenever you’re getting stressed, they look at you with those big doe-y eyes and remind you not to take things too seriously. Follow ours at #poppyhollywood.

Item that instantly upgrades a space...

Large scale artwork always creates a high-impact moment, without necessarily breaking the bank. We often find amazing pieces at flea markets or source them from fabulous vendors on Etsy who make stunning works that anyone can afford.

Biggest design challenge for this project...

To create a homey, welcoming vibe in an 83,000 square-foot space.

How is designing an office different than designing a home?

You have to think about durability because offices see a lot of foot traffic. Stay mindful of maximizing productivity: Great task-lighting is important, as is choosing the right desk chairs. Also, pay special attention to gathering and meeting spaces, which serve vital roles in the daily life of a business. For this project, we deferred heavily to the project architects from Rapt Studio, who were key in helping us plan and plot the functionality of the space.

The secret to perfect lighting is...

Offset lighting. You want it to come from all different places to eliminate harsh shadows. Blemishes, begone!

Favorite area in the office...

The kitchen. It was the perfect mix of modern and rustic.

Biggest office decor mistake people make...

Putting your logo everywhere. The office space should be a reflection of your brand’s style and cool factor, which you can achieve through decor and by creating a vibe, rather than by slapping your logo on every surface.

Rule you love to break...

I rarely wear socks. I am ankles-out seven days a week.

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