In honor of the Spring Equinox, ladies gathered for a Spring Equinox Ceremony created by long time friends – gift guru Simone Le Blanc, production designer Ariana Nakata and modern medicine woman and ceramicist Eefje Theeuws.

Guests included Kirsty Hume, Shiva Rose, Heather Taylor, Beatrice Valenzuela, Anna Getty, Lauren Soloff, Rachel Craven, songstress Heather Porcaro, writer Nadia Conners, photographer Nancy Neil, painter Bella Foster, Camille Hecks and Lauren Knudsen.

Spring Equinox marks the time where the scales of light on earth tip and we move away from the darkness of winter into the light of spring. Spring is a time for the planting of seeds, both within the earth’s soil as well as setting some intentions for the season and the rest of the year.

For the crafting part of the evening, Simone, Ariana and Eefje foraged symbolic ingredients and created beautifully arranged table displays. Each ingredient was chosen for its distinctive quality (rice for fertility, lavender for healing, seeds for rebirth, feathers for spirit flight, shells for intention), so the ladies could select ingredients they were personally drawn to. The ingredients were presented in Eefje’s handmade collection of ceramics, which are the tabletop collection of choice at esteemed locales such as Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur and Aubergine in Carmel.

The Ceremony part of the evening focused on coming into greater alignment with Life, therefore opening the door for new seeds to take root and grow. The Ceremony is an ancient healing art and  the tradition has been passed down to Eefje through her work with Shamans and Medicine Men and Women.

At the close of evening, a small gathering of guests remained to perform the Fire Ceremony where we released the intentions and honor the Ceremony. It was a magical evening of creativity, ceremony and community and transformation!

Simone, Ariana and Eefje create customized Ceremony evenings for special occasions upon request.

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