Inner Glow, Outer Glow: Bobbi Brown and Her Sister Talk Beauty From The Inside Out

In the ’90s, Bobbi Brown popularized the natural look  a beauty trend that lasts to this day. Celebrating the look of clean, healthy, naturally glowing skin rather than the stifled, thickly pancaked makeup look that preceded it, Bobbi’s natural look encouraged women to embrace their own natural beauty rather than hide it under layers of blue shadow and purple rouge. Those of us with ’90s yearbook photos have Bobbi to thank for the fact that we fared just a little better than our ’80s-era counterparts!

Bobbi continues to be an important thought-leader in the beauty world: exploring the way makeup is related to our own ideas of self-acceptance and identity, and taking the lead in the beauty world with messages like that of her recent book, Pretty Powerful.

Throughout Bobbi’s successful makeup career, her sister Linda has been building a career in beauty all her own. Linda Arrandt is a successful health coach, pilates instructor, nutritionist and massage specialist bringing out healthful beauty from within her own clients. Like all of us, Bobbi and Linda’s ways of looking at health and beauty are constantly evolving.

We sat down with these sisters and talked to them about how their two careers overlap. They let us in on a few beauty secrets, and we had fun chatting about the vital connection between getting that inner and outer glow.

The Chalkboard Mag: Bobbi, you’re known for helping women achieve a natural-looking glow, but Linda, your health coaching can get a true flush going from within. What are the best ways to get glowing?

Bobbi: Getting that glow has so much to do with what you put in your body. It’s all about the crossover between the inner and the outer. Exercise and hydration, for example, instantly make you look better. On the outside, using great moisturizer makes a big difference in skin texture and helps makeup apply better. When choosing actual makeup colors, try to match your natural flush. It’s different for everyone.

Linda: One thing I specialize in is massage, and my husband is a chiropractor. It’s incredible to see major changes in our clients when they change their diets – not only do they lose joint and muscle pain, but their skin clears up. A nutrient-dense diet can work wonders.

TCM: What habits do you rely on to keep that healthy glow going?

Bobbi: My whole premise is if you’re skin looks great, the makeup is going to look better.  Working in the industry that I do, people often ask me what I’ve been using on my skin, and I tell them: kale! I throw frozen kale in my shakes every morning. This morning, it was some combination of coconut cream, dark chocolate, kale, cayenne powder, whey protein and ice. It’s something I make almost every day.

Linda: For me, staying with that glow is all about cleansing. I detox four times a year and people ask me what I’ve been doing for my skin. When I’m not cleansing, it’s green smoothies. I love a nutritional shake called Solutions 4. They source whey from New Zealand, which is the best I’ve found. My smoothies almost always include avocado – I can’t get enough.

TCM: Conversely, what do you try to avoid?

Bobbi: Linda is definitely much stricter than me – I’m much more fun! I can’t completely cut out the coffee or tequila, but for me, it’s about avoiding sugar. I love to use coconut sugar instead. Linda says to take a break from coffee and alcohol, which I don’t – but I think about it. One thing we also do is a yearly trip to Canyon Ranch. We recently made our 13th visit!  I forced Linda to drink, perhaps a bit too much…

Linda: Yes, I could actually feel the difference in my joints the next day. It gave me joint pain. Of course that could’ve been all the chaturangas! We were eating very clean food so it wasn’t long before I felt much better. For me, part of creating that balance is about listening to my body.

Bobbi: Another thing I do is eat gluten-free. I’m about 80% gluten-free. I feel much better when I’m not eating much grain at all. I’d say I’m paleo without trying.

TCM: What’s the relationship between strength and beauty? Inside? Outside?

Bobbi: Strength to me means you have the stamina to carry groceries and to run from one meeting to the next. Weight training is so important. So many young girls these days do only cardio – my stamina at 50 is more than many of the young girls I work with. Being strong is also so much about having confidence and being comfortable in your own skin.

Linda: I have an 8 year old,18 year old twins and a busy work schedule. For me it’s all about using pilates to create that invisible girdle.

TCM: When have you looked like a hot mess but still felt your inner beauty shining through?  When do you feel most beautiful?

Linda: After an intense workout.

Bobbi:  On vacation at the beach. You might have spent the day sweating in the sand, but you’re so much more relaxed than normal and it shines through.

TCM: What is a recent beauty must-have?

Bobbi: A good skin oil can work wonders – I love neroli oil. The wrong oil on your skin will clog your pores, but the right oil will make you glow!

Linda: I’d have to say oil too, but internally! Just as the wrong oils can clog your skin, the wrong oils internally can clog your system too. Cooking with coconut oil is great for internal health and glowing skin, but it makes a great moisturizer externally too!

TCM: What is a favorite beautifying snack or meal?

Bobbi: Green veggies, lightly steamed.

Linda: Anything with avocado, olive oil, hemp and Himalayan sea salt.

TCM: Go-to beautifying drink?

Linda: Green juice, or kombucha with agave or manuka honey.

Bobbi: Green juice. I also always keep fresh lemon juice and water in the fridge and drink it all day long. It’s amazing how easy it is to drink tons of water when you keep straws, lemon juice, stevia, ginger and cayenne on hand!

TCM: What would you say your weirdest beauty habit is?

Linda: Massaging coconut oil between my toes.

Bobbi: Not wearing makeup.

TCM: A favorite monthly beauty habit?

Bobbi: I take the time for an hour-and-a-half massage.

Linda: I get a massage. I used to get them weekly, but now that I eat better, I find I don’t need them as often. This is true the more home cooked food I’m eating as well.

TCM: What is your go-to beauty remedy after a long night or rough weekend?

Bobbi: I love to mix coconut water with pure water and drink it all day. It’s helpful to use a ton of moisturizer and layer on the blush, corrector and concealer. And of course, my  black glasses.

Linda:  Yoga. A little bronzer usually helps too.

TCM: What else would you like to leave our readers with on this topic?

Bobbi: People look best when they look like themselves, but better – the best version of themselves. That’s the whole philosophy behind my brand – keeping that healthy vibrance. Just a naturally tinted moisturizer is enough when you’ve got healthy skin! The trick is to have that great healthy base to work with.

Linda: The internal shines through. Our aunt Alice is 83. She’s used no pharmaceutical drugs, wears minimal makeup, gets massages, takes vitamins, exercises and lives a full life. She takes painting classes and is closely connected to family and friends – that’s inner and outer beauty. That’s what I want to be when I’m her age!

To learn more about this dynamic duo, visit Bobbi at EverythingBobbi and Linda at Arrandt Health Care and Rehab.

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