Picture this: it’s a Saturday night in December, your holiday party is in full swing, eating this and drinking these…and everyone is completely dehydrated. We love getting ahead of little ‘wellness moments’ like these – and providing a cool-looking infused water station right along side your bar is the way to do it. More about that later this month, but for now, check out these gorgeous infused water recipes from our girl, Lauren Gores Ireland, who always knows how to entertain in style…

‘Tis the season of parties! This time of year always makes me feel incredibly grateful, because it pulls in the ones we love. The holidays remind us to celebrate togetherness, which is what I love most about this season.

Next time you’re pulling family and friends together, consider an infused water station with festive flavors. Flavored sips are a mindful alternative to cocktails, and they’re always a favorite at my house. Fill large mason jars and other dispensers with colorful fruits and herbs that will both taste delicious and look beautiful on your countertop.

I shared some of my favorite flavor combinations below. The best part is infused water is incredibly good for our bodies! Everything from our skin, to digestion, to our mental clarity receives a boost! Infused water can help flush out toxins, ease our appetite, and improve our mood.

Note: Infuse your water about 30-minutes before guests arrive. This will provide enough time to boost flavors, while still keeping fruits fresh and ripe!

APPLE + CINNAMON | Thinly slice a few apples and place them in a large water jug with about 10 cinnamon sticks (adjust amounts by how strong you want your flavors to be). Cinnamon makes everything taste like fall! Plus, this spice is full of antioxidants. This anti-inflammatory ingredient is also said to boost your immune system.

GRAPEFRUIT + MINT | Slice one grapefruit and combine it with several sprigs of mint for a refreshing flavor. Grapefruit works wonders for our bodies — boosting metabolism, strengthening our immune system and even reducing stress. Mint is also a great appetite cleanser, while helping ease nausea and digestion.

BERRY + SAGE | Get creative with this one, and include any combination of berries. If you want a colorful water station, try adding a cup of raspberries and a cup of strawberries with several sprigs of sage. Berries are packed with antioxidants, aiding in both illness and stress. Plus, it provides just enough sweetness to feel like a treat. Sage will add a beautiful color contrast, and is also known to help with inflammation!

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