Inspired by the couple’s rustic Vermont heritage, Peter Sheldon and his fiancée, Ellen Woglom, have created a line of handmade ceramics that are, in a word, perfect.

For the East LA-based duo behind Sheldon Ceramics, capturing a quality of timelessness is key. They strive to create ceramic cups, bowls, plates and pots that honor craft, functionality and a modern design aesthetic in equal measure. The result is a collection of ceramic goods that feel modern now – and will keep well long into the future.

We asked Peter and Ellen to partake in our artsiest interview series. Like their work, their answers are simple, inspired and inspiring. Check it out…

My aesthetic in 3 words:

Heritage, research, honesty.

Favorite object in the studio:

A piece of feldspar sourced from the Los Angeles National Forest.

Most common visitors to the studio:

A chef!

When I’m not in the studio I am here:


Daily necessity:

Peanut butter and jelly.

My art supply/ styling tool obsession:


My favorite current project is:

Custom glaze development.

Favorite spots in the neighborhood:

Abigail’s Tacos.

Currently reading:

Underground Airlines, Ben H. Winters.

Favorite museum in the city:


Current mantra:

Never surrender.

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