In the Moment: Remaining Present On Your Summer Vacation

We know you’re dreaming up a vacation right now (because, when are you not?). When that long-awaited trip finally arrives, you’ll want to experience the sights, the smells, and the spontaneous excursions. You’ll want to sleep in, yet see the sunrise. You’ll want to lay beachside, yet tackle adventures. You’ll want to put your phone down, yet never miss a photo opportunity. Essentially, you’ll want to do everything— yet nothing.

Vacations can become so busy that you arrive home feeling the need for another vacation to recover. As I often say on my own site, remaining present requires some work, and vacations are no exception. Here are five ways to stay in the moment during the entirety of your fun-packed trip.

Five Ways to Remain Present on Vacation 

Hold the Plans

Perhaps you’re the type to plan your trip before you even arrive— penciling in places to go, landmarks to see, cocktails to try and spas to be frequented. However, make room for some unplanned time. Dedicate a couple of days to waking up sans an itinerary to really soak in your surroundings.

Talk to Strangers

Forget what your mama taught you as a kid and start talking to strangers. Often times, we miss out on experiences because we’re too closed off. Spark a conversation on the beach, the slopes, even the elevator.  This will keep you patient, present and positive. 

Document the Trip

There’s really no excuse for not documenting your trip. Snap away so you can create a post-trip photo album. Make an effort to keep notes of your experiences as well. Reflection keeps you present. Plus, you’ll want to remember the awkward moments, the fearless adventures and the giddy tour guides.

Stall Social Media

We know you’re eager to share your experiences with friends, family and followers. However, avoid posting the bulk of your photos until after you return home. This will keep you from continuously checking how many likes a photo receives. Turn off push notifications as well so you’re not distracted by social networks.

Have that Burger

Pick one meal a day to treat yourself while traveling. Maybe you’ve been craving a burger or a poolside pina colada. Enjoy some guilt-free splurges while maintaining your overall health habits. Eat well for your other meals and keep a regular workout regimen. When you feel great physically, you feel even better mentally.

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