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Taking a peek inside the kitchens of foodies, chefs and nutritionists is one of the quickest ways to get inspired when you’re lost on good snack and dinner ideas. Join us in skimming through Mia Rigden’s contribution to one of our favorite series of all time.

Mia is a board-certified nutritionist, trained chef, and author. Her new cookbook, Foodwise: A Fresh Approach to Nutrition with 100 Delicious Recipes will teach you nutritious recipes alongside a slew of helpful tips and shopping ideas. It’s a beautiful book full of easy-to-digest ideas — take a glimpse through Mia’s kitchen below. If her daily habits resonate, pick up a copy of the new book next! 

In The Kitchen With Mia Rigden

Name: Mia Rigden

Cookbook: Foodwise

Food philosophy in short: If it’s not delicious, it’s not good for you.

What’s always in my fridge: You will always find ingredients for a smoothie: spinach, almond milk, nut butter, berries (sometimes in the freezer), and flax seeds.

What’s never in my fridge: I never say never.

7 staples always on hand: Fresh salad greens, bread, rice, eggs, a few lemons, good quality olive oil, and an interesting salt blend.

3 dishes I’m making most often: Super Green Spaghetti with Zucchini Pesto, Cauliflower + Brown Rice Pilaf, Nut, Seed + Protein Bread – all from Foodwise!mia rigden nutritionist fridge

Go-to proteins: Rotisserie chicken, eggs, salmon.

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Favorite veggies: Green beans, eggplant, leafy greens of all shapes, shades, and varieties.

Favorite condiments: Sriracha (I love Yellow Bird), kimchi, coconut aminos, and a homemade pesto.

Ingredient that makes everything better: Flaked sea salt.

Must have munchies: Smoked almonds, Mary’s Gone Crackers with Kite Hill cream cheese, a crisp apple and peanut butter.

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No fail kids treats: Once Upon A Farm smoothies, fresh fruit, and my personal favorite: peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

Sweets: Hu Kitchen chocolate or vanilla Dream Pops (the most insane organic, low-sugar, dairy-free bon bon).

Must have pantry staples: Pickled red onions, olives, flaked sea salt, lemons.

Dairy or non-dairy Faves: I’m obsessed with Cocojune yogurt, and love a good goat’s cheese.

Favorite places to shop: Local farmers’ market, Erewhon.

Best bargain: Grow your own herbs.

Best label reading tip: Aim for single digit grams of sugar per serving size you’ll actually eat.

Craziest thing I buy: I will go to the ends of the earth for a can of my favorite sparkling water, Sanzo. The calmansi and yuzu flavors are divine.

Favorite splurge: Fancy butter from Gjusta.

For last minute entertaining: A chilled bottle of bubbles for unexpected celebrations.

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