In The Holiday Shop: 2015 Best-Sellers + Editor’s Picks

Here we go, December. It’s been one heck of a year and we’ve been looking forward to this cozy month of celebrations for just about half of it! Ready or not, here comes the deluge of parties, gifts, cocktails, and family gatherings – try to ignore the traffic, itchy sweaters, and bah-humbugs in between. 

This month’s Gift Guides will be broken down into some of our favorite categories and we’ll be sharing them all month. (Remember last year’s crunchiest Gift Guide ever?) To kick things off, we’ve stocked The Shop with twenty-one of 2015’s best-sellers and editor’s favorites. We’ve got summer guest, Elle Macpherson’s glamorous green powder, the Super Elixir, a farmer’s market backpack (adore!), Spiritual Gangster’s modern sweatshirt that’s become every yogi’s staple, and the uber-popular little printer that spits out shots you’ve taken with your phone (can you think of anyone on your list who wouldn’t want this?)

Also featured, items we became obsessed with more than ever this year: the veggie spiralizer (we spiraled out of control there for a while, here are all eight recipes,) clean beauty brands like W3ll People and RMS, and wellness staples like Manuka honey (found in CAP Beauty’s gift set), and Sun Potion’s Prash tonic ambrosia – a stunning blend of tonic herbs, extracts, organic grass-fed biodynamic ghee and honey (“Oooh,” said all the Chalkboard girls…)

Enjoy our list of TCM best-sellers and editor’s picks and watch for more Gift Guides in the coming weeks!

unnamed-3 This post is brought to you by Spiritual Gangster

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