Aerial view of yoga essentials including 5 bottles of pressed juice, a mat, a pullover, sunglasses, a towel and flats

Your In-The-Gym-Style: You’d much rather be twisting it out than taking a run, prefer zen to Zumba, and find any moment you can to get with the flow. Whether you’re into a sweaty athletic vinyasa flow set to hip-hop or a more introspective and internal experience with lots of heart-openers, you know home is where your mat is.

What You Need In Your Bag: Nothing interrupts a state of blissful zen more than clothes and accessories that make you squirm in savasana. Your gym bag should only contain items that contribute to your yogic peace of mind, from the beads you wear to the shoes you slip on and off before class. Keep it simple and only pack the essentials – lucky for you, we’ve got you covered!

Yoga-friendly bag

Just any old gym bag will not suffice for you, yoga girl. You need something that can hold all the essentials and still leave room for your mat. Streamline your journey from in-transit to in-the-studio by opting for a bag that secures your yoga mat in a separate compartment – the pros at Manduka have the right idea!

A Mat You Love

If home is where the heart is, then your heart is on the mat! The best mats are not only lovely to look at, they’re equipped with the latest in yoga technology to make it lightweight and durable (like the gorgeous ones by Gaiam).

Grippy Towel

If you’re anything like us, sometimes you need a little extra cushioning between you and your mat to prevent it from becoming a game of slip-n-slide! Bring along a towel specifically designed for yoga, like this gorgeous tie-dyed one from Yogitoes that uses their patented Skidless® technology to keep your yogi toes in place as you flow from one pose to the next.

Headbands and pony tail holders

Depending on the class, you might be going up, down, and sideways at any moment, meaning there is a good chance you might get a face full of hair if you’re not prepared. Similarly, a typical back-of-the-head pony might inhibit any supine poses. Grab a headband that won’t slip, or take a peek at our go-to gym hair guide for pretty braids that won’t hamper your happy-baby. Dress it up with fun, gentle bands like these from Ban.do!

Low-impact sports bra

No running, no jumping – no impact! The beauty of yoga is that it’s a low-imact activity, meaning it’s a lot less hard on your bod than activities that possibly tax your joints. This also means you can be a little freer in your, shall we say, support system. Choose a lightweight sports bra that provides just enough support to stay comfortable from Bakasana to Boat Pose.

Fitted crops or leggings

While those short-shorts might look adorable on the rack, we actually recommend opting for a longer option when heading into a yoga class. Most teachers switch their sequencing up based on the day and even vibe of the class, so you never know what twists and turns are coming your way…literally. Nothing is worse than constantly tugging your shorts down in class. Nothing takes you out of that zen state then the unblissfully aware state of worrying if you’re unintenionally becoming overexposed (only exception? Bikram classes, which are practiced in a sweltering 105-degree-farenheit room!) Choose fitted crops or leggings that will allow you to perfect your Svarga Dvidasana with no fear. We love the fun prints Onzie has to offer!


While you don’t want to go into a yoga class with a full belly (hello spinal twists and inversions!), proper hydration is key. Tote along a bottle of Pressed Juciery coconut water to restore electrolytes lost from sweating and to give you that extra leg-up in your handstand.

Affirmational beads or bracelets

Mala beads and healing crystals have been around for centuries – what better time to use them than during yoga? Wear a strand of powerful Energy Muse crystals around your wrist as you set your intentions during class, or string a strand of mala prayer beads around your neck during meditation.

Yoga block and/or strap

“Props” aren’t just for newbies! What most people fail to realize is that while blocks and straps can help you get into a pose, they can also help you make the most of it. Most studios provide props such as bolsters and yoga blocks, but if you prefer having your own equipment (or don’t know the studio), then stick one of these lightweight blocks in your gym bag. Tight hamstrings or just looking for a deeper stretch? A yoga strap might just become your new best friend.

Slip-on shoes

While shoes are not allowed in yoga studios (and if you don’t know, now you know), you’ll want a pair that slips on and off easily and keeps that comfy feeling going. We’re obsessed with anything and everything by Juil (especially these nude flats!), which actually help you detox way after your cleansing flow. By placing copper dots at the soles of their shoes, healing electrons from the earth are absorbed to cleanse your body of free radicals – maintaining that sense of peace you felt after savasana. We’ll “namaste” to that!

Light pullover

Chances are, you’ll be moving from fast to slow and back again throughout class. Bring along a lightweight pullover like this one from Spiritual Gangster and set it aside once your body heat starts to build – then slip it back on for a sweet savasana.

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