In My Fridge: Spicing Things Up With Gaby Dalkin Of What’s Gaby Cooking

FOOD BLOGGER GABY DALKIN is all about finding balance while being able to do whatever she wants, eat whatever she wants, and be whoever she wants. Her blog, What’s Gaby Cooking, brings together over 1,100 recipes of California Girlie-inspired, whole foods recipes for literally any mood, meal, or occasion—whether you’re wearing yoga pants 24/7 or putting on heels and lipstick for a big night out. Like a true Millennial, she refuses to be told there is one way to do anything (which we love), leading to a truly expansive and creative repertoire of easy-to-make and easy-to-please meals.

Now she’s imbuing her love of cooking into ready-made spice blends that she, herself, often incorporates into her own recipes. Beyond what Gaby is actually cooking, we had to know what is in her fridge on a daily basis—especially when, everything under the sun is figuratively “on the table.” Beware: Her answers might just make you run to your nearest Farmers Market.

NAME + ROLE: Gaby Dalkin. Founder of  Dalkin&Co and What’s Gaby Cooking

ANY UPCOMING PROJECTS: Cooking #5 launches on May 21st, and the new latest additions to Dalkin&Co launch early March!

WHAT’S ALWAYS IN MY FRIDGE: Cheese! Farmers Market produce, almond milk, various preserves, and eggs.

WHAT’S NEVER IN MY FRIDGE: Yellow mustard. Woof.

FAVORITE FOOD MANTRA: It’s all about balance.

7 STAPLES ALWAYS ON HAND: Lemons, garlic, Dalkin&Co seasonings, olive oil, pasta, red sauce, and fresh bread from Bub and Grandma’s.

GO-TO PROTEINS: Chicken in all shapes and sizes. I’m recently obsessed with Snake River Farms meat delivery. Their hanger steak is insane. And all sorts of plant-based proteins—lentils, chickpeas, etc.

FAVORITE VEGGIES: Depends on the time of the year, but seeing as how spring is approaching… Peas! Asparagus! Leeks!

MUST-HAVE MUNCHIES: Chocolate—in all forms. Dried Strawberries from Eataly are my lifeline. I love a Raincoast Crisp and some soft cheese—Tillamook cheddar so I can slice off a fat slice and snag some crackers.

SWEETS: There is always some form of homemade cookie in my freezer! ALWAYS. Most recently: Dad’s Kitchen Sink Cookies.

FAVORITE CONDIMENTS: I am a ketchup girl, always and forever. I also love the Ginger and Miso dressings from Dave’s Kitchen at the Hollywood farmers market.

INGREDIENT THAT MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER: Butter with a sprinkle of flaky salt.

MUST-HAVE PANTRY STAPLES: Dalkin&Co, obviously! Pasta, sauces, canned chickpeas, tahini, rice, and chocolate chips.

BEST 30-MINUTE MEAL: Recently, we’ve been obsessed with Chicken Scampi.

FAVORITE PLACES TO SHOP: Farmshop will always make me happy. I go to the Hollywood Farmers Market every Sunday and the Santa Monica Farmers Market on Wednesdays if we need a quick refresh. I try to hit Erewhon sparingly—mostly because parking is a true nightmare. I love Whole Foods for pantry staples and Eataly when I need good fish or anything Italian.

GO-TO HEALTHY COMFORT FOODS: Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili with a huge dollop of guacamole!

BEST BARGAIN: Freshly made tortillas from your favorite local shop! They’re so much better than store-bought.

BEST LABEL-READING TIP: I never buy anything with ingredients that I don’t recognize or can’t pronounce.

CRAZIEST THING I BUY: I’m a sucker for olive oil in a great beautiful bottle. I have no self-control when I see something beautiful. I must get it as a collector’s item because WHAT IF I NEVER SEE IT AGAIN.

FAVORITE SPLURGE: Castelvetrano olives by the BUCKET load.

FOR LAST-MINUTE ENTERTAINING: I’ll get a 2-inch steak from Eataly, reverse-sear it, and then make an arugula salad and pasta al limone. Done. Everything done within 45 minutes.

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