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V-Day vibes tend to linger long after the 14th, and for some of us, that’s not necessarily a positive thing. Whether you’re a relationship-in-betweener, going through romantic drama, or simply recovering from a recent chocolate overdose, we say sweat it out! 

We recently discovered a spin studio in NYC that uses IMAX technology for an immersive sweat we can’t get over – and that will get your mind off anything and everything. We sent our NYC love, Katie Horwitch of WANT, to get a closer look at IMAXShift for a heart-pounding class starring Rihanna and Drake. Here’s the scoop…

Feeling more “black heart” emojis than “heart-eyed” emoji post-Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re going through a break-up or just allergic to the Hallmark Holiday hype, forget the love song playlist: for the alt-Valentine experience, it’s all about the break-up song.

IMAXShift is the Brooklyn spin studio that specializes in immersive, thrilling and effective workouts that are powered by…wait for it… a full-on IMAX screen and sound system. While rides in front of the 40-foot by 24-foot screen vary from soaring over the coasts of Hawaii to cycling through the solar system, our personal favorite utilization of the ginormous screen are their music video rides. This week was all about the ultimate break-up ride: Drake vs Rihanna.

For the record, we’re firmly against gaining joy from someone else’s pain. But how could we resist spinning it out to the music of our favorite couple that almost was? While IMAXShift’s Drake and RiRi Breakup Ride only lasts for Valentine’s week, you can catch their signature music video rides whenever: Beyonce vs Jay-Z, East Coast vs West Coast Hip Hop – you name it, they play it. And if you need an extra push, each bike’s console tracks your speed, torque, resistance and power in real-time, sending everything to your email so that you can go harder, better, faster, stronger next time around. Now that’s something to fall in love with.

Not able to make it? Here are some of our favorite Drake and Rihanna workout songs to add to your playlist:

Drake- Hotline Bling, Headlines, Forever, No New Friends, Started From The Bottom

Rihanna- Work (featuring Drake!), This Is What You Came For, Disturbia, Diamonds, SOS

Playlist heaven – Get all of our other fit-spired playlists from Playlist Yoga here in L.A. to Sophia Bush’s personal hot list here. 

Drake vs. Rihanna, Beyonce vs. JayZ… What’s your favorite spin class playlist of all time?
Tell us what gets you sweating in the comments below. 

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