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In case you’ve had other things on your mind this month — the pandemic, your city’s changing quarantine rules or world-wide protests — this is a friendly reminder that Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21st. Here are a few really strong ideas for gifts that the dads in your life might just love…

everlane tread shoes

Everlane The Trainer | Partly recycled and responsibly made, Everlane’s Tread line of sneakers is probably still new enough to feel like a discovery. With vintage details, but a modern-feeling sole, we love these trainers for the casual wardrobe we’re all rocking more often these days.

flip clock

Schoolhouse Flip Clock | We’re obsessed with Schoolhouse’s vintage homegoods and this clock is no exception. This analog design would look great in just about any style of home office — and don’t let the ‘fun’ vintage styling fool you: the battery operated quartz German movement keeps precise time.

Tru Niagen | A supplement as a gift? Ok — this depends on the kind of dad you’re gifting. For wellness lovers, yes, a subscription to TruNiagen definitely makes a great gift. The science behind the anti-aging formula, that supports the body’s NAD levels, is compelling.


Theragun Mini| The Theragun is a revelation for anyone who gets aches and strains, especially post-workout. The new Mini might just fit in your Dad’s Day budget and still packs Theragun’s signature hurts-so-good punch.

our place pan

Our Place Always Pan | If you come here often, you’ve heard us gush over Our Place. We love their speckled plates and colored everyday glasses, but their claim-to-fame is the Always Pan, a sturdy lidded kitchen essential with all kinds of charm. Available colors include a terra cotta beige, army green, basic black and khaki tan — all of which look pretty damn good on the stovetop.

beach tent

Business & Pleasure Co. Holiday Beach Tent | It’s summer 2020 and most beaches in the U.S. are just opening. If you dad or male co-parent is a beach freak, we think this tent qualifies as the kind of unexpected gift that instantly becomes a non-negotiable just after opening.


cashmere sweater

Naked Cashmere Riley Unisex Sweater | This is basically the perfect Dad’s Day gift for the father of your children: a luxurious, yet wearable cashmere sweater that is also for you. This unisex sweater is so cozy and we love the idea of a couple owning it as a shared item.

Leather Natural Hand Shaped Tray| For the stylish dad who likes to have a place for everything, this sweet leather tray is the perfect gift. For the dad who needs a little order in his life, this hand-shaped tray could finally keep him from losing those keys.



Half Day Full Spectrum Hemp Oil | If dad is not into CBD yet, this may be his time. And if he already takes advantage of the plant oil’s many healing benefits he’ll appreciate this useful gift even more (you may finally become the favorite child). We love a high-potency tincture for reducing inflammation, promoting calm and sleep and staying generally well.

bose bluetooth speaker

BOSE Bluetooth Speaker | BOSE speakers are impressive. And whether or not you’ve got a good sound system at home, a Bluetooth speaker like this can be a really fun tool for the dad who wants to listen to podcasts while working out, music while working in the backyard or listen to his favorite soundtrack while cooking on the grill.

cos khaki green sweatshirt

COS Khaki Cotton Sweatshirt | Sweatshirts are having a moment. That might make your dad roll his eyes, but nonetheless, he’ll love throwing on this soft new version from COS. This responsibly made sweatshirt comes in a small range of no-fail colors with a slightly structured silhouette.


The Nue Co. Nootro-Focus | Another supplement? Yes! Listen, the right supplements can be life-changing, and the health-savvy dad knows that. The Nue Co’s Nootro-Focus is a great introduction to brain health-supportive nootropics and makes for a great conversation starter.

rains weekend bag

Rains Weekend Bag | We love this tough, structured bag that can be used for just about anything. Give a man a duffle and that duffle will be put to use. Whether this eventually become a gym bag, travel accessory or part of his camping pack, we recommend gifting it with a cheap additional gift inside: consider socks, skincare, firewood or a six-pack.

fuego hot sauce box

Fuego Box Gift Set | Spiced honey, garlicky hot sauce and ghost pepper jalapeno sauce make the perfect trio for dad to work the grill with while at home. Alternately, they liven up leftover delivery foods for breakfast like nobody’s business. These artisanal condiments are clean and free of odd-ball ingredients.

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