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As the new year looms and we think about emerging wellness trends for 2023, the topic of cannabinoids cannot be avoided. So, what’s new in the booming space? Today we’re taking a deep dive into an emerging area – it’s all about THC-O.

DankeSuper, the brand who first introduced us to THCp and Delta-8, is now telling us all we need to understand about THC-O. Rather than put on my white coat and pretend to understand any of the science (I cannot express how hard it is for me to understand the science), I decided to defer to Danke Super’s founder, Daniel Kaufman, aka the Willy Wonka of Weed, instead.

Let me preface this entire exchange with two truths and a lie:

01. I’ve never met anyone more passionate about cannabinoids than Daniel in my life (and I’m from Los Angeles!).
02. Danke Super is at the forefront of some seriously ~groovy~ concoctions.
03. Okay, I couldn’t think of a lie (because I’m a Virgo and can’t lie).

TL;DR: THC-O really works its magic when combined with other cannabinoids. Danke Super has taken the guesswork out of our need to experiment, so let’s get high (off of this information!!).


DANIEL: The world of hemp-derived alt-cannabinoids is super exciting. There are so many unknowns, and with the great unknown comes limitless possibilities, interactions, and high-filled journeys.

THC-O, which stands for THC-O acetate, was the second “alt” we experimented with after Delta-8. It’s supposedly 300% stronger than Delta-9 (your classic THC), which is pretty significant, considering Delta-8 is only 50% stronger. The key to THC-O, though, is that it is super mild on its own in terms of psychoactive effects, and its euphoric benefits usually take a bit longer to show up (unlike its Delta-8 counterpart).


DANIEL: If you’re already an expert (or even a novice!) in the world of cannabinoids, then you’re probably familiar with THC’s potent effects on pain, sleep, and relaxation. THC-O doesn’t fall too far from its cannabinoid tree.

When THC-O first came out everyone would market it as psychedelic-like, boasting about how much more powerful it was than Delta-9 THC. So, when I tried it myself, I was surprised not to experience much at all. I felt very relaxed physically about 30-45 minutes after consuming, and then fell asleep within 90 minutes.

That’s what got me into working on synergistic combinations with THC-O. My Danke Super directive was, “Throw in everything, but the kitchen sink. Or just throw in the kitchen sink.” What did I discover? When combined with other cannabinoids, THC-O is a whole different ball game. And yes, you can expect some serious psychoactive benefits.


DANIEL: What we’ve done at Danke Super is take our classic formulations that we know and love—like our Pâte de Fruit—and then see how combining different amounts of THC-O and Delta-8 can produce varying reactions and intensities. We’re also playing around with new artisanally-made flavors for our gummies.

Some that you could try right this minute (in order of intensity)…

THC-O Gummies | 15mg THC-O, 20mg Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

Good for: Deep body relaxation, anxiety relief, pain relief, sleep aid, decompression, inflammation.

Flavor(s) of the Moment: Peach Ginger

Who is it for? I would recommend this for any THC beginners or people who prefer relaxation over any kind of psychoactive high.

One thing to remember: Because THC-O’s effects don’t show up until they’ve been completely metabolized, you might not feel anything for up to an hour, so give it a bit before you start “adding on,” if you know what I mean.

D8 THC-O 1:1 | 15mg THC-O, 15mg Delta-8

Good for: Strong body-high, deep relaxation, psychoactive effect. Paranoia, not included!

Flavor(s) of the Moment: Peach Ginger, Strawberry
dankesuper fruitWho is it for? This is more for the THC user who “knows themselves,” and is looking to experiment with a different kind of high.

One thing to remember: We suggest starting with a half a square and cautiously increasing unless highly experienced with cannabis, THC-O, and Delta-8. We strongly advise limiting consumption to one gummy while evaluating your personal response.

Delta-8 THC-O 2x Gummies | 30mg THC-O, 30mg Delta-8, 20mg Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

Good for: Strong psychoactive psychedelic feeling, full-body high, intense relaxation.

Flavor(s) of the Moment: Pumpkin Chile, Blueberry Vanilla Cardamom

Who is it for? As our most potent THC-O combo, I’d recommend this for the consistent weed / THC experimenter, who is more comfortable taking things to new high-ts.

One thing to remember: Similar to the 1:1 variety, stick to half a square and then increase slowly. If you’re going to go all in, plan to stay home! This is not a “pop a gummy and party” edible.

DANIEL: I don’t want to say “no one else is doing what we’re doing,” but seriously, no one else is doing what we’re doing. And it’s been so cool to see customers become as excited about our creations as we are.

My primary strength is breaking down all of the data that surrounds cannabis, which is great because cannabis is like the mega-load of phytochemical compounds. When I’m not busy with everything else, I like to parse through data on over 86,000 cannabis plants, terpenes, and cannabinoid compositions. It’s a weed nerd’s dream!

Danke Super offers around 30 strains of cannabis at this point and there’s no slowing down in sight. At our store in Brooklyn (21 Dunham Place, if you were wondering), people are literally awe-struck when they come in, asking to try whatever is new in our “weed lab,” and learn more about new strains, cannabinoids, and psychedelics.

Not to overindulge in the Willy Wonka reference, but we are truly putting together some unique creations. The only difference is that everything we make has the figurative “golden ticket” inside.

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