CBD To Calm My Nerves

As a young 30-something Jewish Millennial Virgo living at home with her mother during a global pandemic, I think it’s safe to say that anxiety is a part of my genetic material (legacy burdens, I see you!). No better time like the quarantine present to put my stress levels to the test as I attempt to manage a boundaryless workflow and a lack of daily diversity (existentially and literally).

Throughout the past decade, my mind-body connection has become very fine-tuned as it relates to feeling the physical burdens of stress. Inability to take deep breaths, light-headeness, acne and indigestion; Those are all cute symptoms that come in a rapid fashion when something ignites my fight-or-flight response.

While I’ve dabbled in meditation, ashwagandha, pranayama, a low-inflammatory diet and daily exercise, all of the mindfulness in the world hasn’t seemed to eclipse the rapid heartbeat that accompanies incessant thoughts and hapless worrying (again, legacy burdens, I see you!).

*Curtain draws* Welcome to the stage, Foria’s Wellness Tonic with CBD.

In less than a week, I was able to start feeling physical, mental and emotional relief from this broad-spectrum CBD sublingual, which became an easy to integrate part of my daily routine.

With so many brands and products crowding the CBD space, it can be overwhelming to know which has the best quality and is the most effective. Foria makes it easy — best known for having changed the name of the game for CBD in the sexual health and wellness category. Focused on closing the pleasure gap for women, Foria provides an entire portfolio of CBD products to facilitate intimacy, relief and optimal wellbeing.

Since sexual intimacy isn’t really on the menu for me right now (remember: I live with my mom), I was very intrigued by the proposed natural benefits of the Wellness Tonic to boost my mood, decrease my stress & anxiety, improve my sleep and general wellbeing. Did I mention that all of this blue light from my computer has been ruining my sleep? Heinous!

Although a week may not seem like a long enough time to feel a difference, I was able to sense a shift almost immediately. With a B.A. in Sociology in my back pocket, I began testing different use-cases to see how well the Wellness Tonic affected my mood and ability to stay calm and carry on throughout the day. TL;DR: I felt small changes that were making a huge impact on my everyday wellbeing (but we’ll get more into that later).

How CBD Calms Stress
Before you say “no” to having any stress in your life, it’s always good to remember that stress is actually meant to be a biological response that helps keep us safe. That “fight-or-flight” response I mentioned earlier is meant to mentally sound the alarms when we need to act quickly to protect ourselves from dangerous threats. The sun also helps us produce cortisol at certain times throughout the day to prompt us to stay alert, engaged and energized for our daily tasks.

However, in today’s world — pre-global pandemic included— chronic stress and anxiety have become an overly-accepted part of our everyday lives. With millions of screens, streaming services, and texts and emails coming through at all hours, our minds and bodies are staying in a continued stress mode. No “OFF” button in sight!

Long-term stress is more than just a feeling. Much like an overuse injury at the gym, ongoing periods of heightened stress can lead to a whole host of health problems like inflammation, digestive problems, chronic disease, and hormonal imbalances. Stress also challenges your endocannabinoid system (ECS), which plays a role in regulating stress, mood, appetite, memory, and reproductive health while also communicating with our central nervous system.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a type of cannabinoid that is naturally-occurring in cannabis and hemp plants and is NOT the stuff that will get you high or alter your psychological state. CBD works to calm stress from the inside out by activating your cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) that you already have in your body — largely found in the central and peripheral nervous systems.

When you ingest CBD — whether as a topical, suppository, supplement, or sublingual — it is thought that you may be able to balance serotonin levels, which directly affect chemical imbalances associated with conditions like depression or anxiety. By breaking down cannabinoids in the body more slowly over time and therefore remaining in your system for longer, CBD may be a great natural alternative to SSRIs (for those looking for a more holistic approach).

I Tried Foria’s Wellness Tonic…Here’s How I Feel Now
When my Foria package arrived, I could barely set it on the counter to open it before my mom (who I, again, live with) said, “Foria! Like euphoria?!”

While I’m not sure if the two are actually connected, I was in an absolutely euphoric state just from the unboxing experience. I live for unboxing — especially when it includes stickers that say things like Legalize Orgasms and CannaLingus! As Gen Z would say, “I stan!”

I decided that I would test-and-learn by taking different amounts of the Wellness Tonic at different times throughout the day — not more than once or twice — to see what worked best for me. This included right when I woke up, before a meal, while I was working, and about 45 minutes before going to sleep. I, admittedly, was most curious to see how my anxiety would shift first thing in the AM and during my wind-down routine at night.

My experience ran across a broad spectrum (CBD pun intended). I utilized Foria’s recommended dose of .5ml — which is just slightly less than a full dropper — as my foundation and worked up from there. Foria suggests swishing the oil around your tongue, cheeks, and gums for increased absorption, so you get to feel like you’re partaking in your own mini oil-pulling routine. It took the edge off of my PTSD from my morning alarm and made the day feel smoother and eased my mood. My night’s, however, were the most stark.

I essentially get the Sunday Scaries every night as I shower, so I was most amazed to be able to take full breaths as I got ready for bed with two dropperfuls of CBD. I felt so relaxed that the Wellness Tonic actually moved me away from [Insert Name of Bingeable Series] and towards my bed for deeper, more restful sleep.

What I appreciated most was that I didn’t need to include the Wellness Tonic in my routine like you would a supplement. If I felt an acute reaction to stress coming on, I knew that I could feel almost instant relief without needing to rely on it as a daily habit. With that said, I felt comfortable taking it daily because of how clean the ingredients were.

The Foria Difference
Foria cares about education as much as it values utilization. My Wellness Tonic came complete with educational materials and FAQs that made it very easy to navigate the “when-and-how” of consuming CBD.

I also learned that Foria takes “natural” to a whole other level. From ingredient sourcing, to manufacturing, to product packaging, Foria prioritizes sustainability and quality above all else.

Many of the hemp farms that companies use to create their CBD actually have a ton of pesticides and chemicals, which can affect our endocrine and immune systems long-term. Because of this, Foria prides itself on sourcing all of its hemp from an organic, biodynamic, and regenerative family farm for certified-organic, third-party-batch-tested CBD.

I was very excited to see that their new packaging is 100% sustainable, using the highest-rated eco paper, plant-based ink, dropper tops that reduce plastic waste, and amber glass bottles (which are the most recyclable).

Their products are a true manifestation of their mission, which is to give people what they need to feel their best using nature’s best.

My Final Two Cents
Even though I might always have a “New York State of Mind,” that gives me more agita than most laid-back Cali folk, Foria’s Wellness Tonic made me feel chill, but most importantly, resilient during a time where the collective consciousness is on edge and in a state of duress. If what yogis say is true — which is to spread good vibrations — I felt like I had the focus, energy, and mentality to proceed through the daily ennui with a better mood. Here’s to needing their Awaken Arousal Oil in 2021..

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