All manners of hydrating are not created equal. Distilled water from a bottle is good, mineral water supercharged with herbs and probiotics is better. This simple recipe for a multitasking spritzer from our go-to natural beauty mavens in NYC had us hooked at first sip! 

As the weather warms up we’re on a mission to stay hydrated and cool. Our favorite (and most delicious) way is by drinking our Bitters & Hydration Spritzer. Spiked with The Beauty Chef’s Hydration Boost which encourages hydration on a deep level and boasts more than six billion probiotics and electrolytes, minerals and vitamins, it’s the perfect addition to your summer drink. Coupled with another of our favorite ingredients, Digestive Bitters, which promotes better digestion, this nourishing, cooling and quenching drink is perfect for the summer days that are upon us.

Hydrating Summer Spritzer


2 tsp Hydration Inner Beauty Boost
1 dropperful digestive bitters
1 cup sparkling mineral water


Add the Hydration Inner Beauty Boost and a bitters to a glass of sparkling mineral water. Mix together and enjoy!

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