wellness nerds know how to party. Some times it’s all about breathwork before dinner, other times we’re tossing back adaptogenic potions while swapping stories of face mask failures and hot yoga blunders. Lately, we’re toying with the idea of throwing a crystal party — the prettiest and most positive-vibe-inducing excuse to socialize we’ve ever come across. From ice breakers to intention setting, learn how to throw a crystal party like you mean it with this guide from Energy Muse… 

Sometimes we get into a rut with our friends. We settle into comfortable routines like Sunday brunch, drinks with the girls or movie nights. As fun as these are, with any relationship, it’s important to spice things up — and what better time to bring the heat than summertime? If you feel your friend group’s poolside outings and barbecues are getting a bit stale, infuse them with some crystallized entertainment. A crystallized gem party is like the Tupperware party of yesteryear except, ya know, for eccentric, wellness-loving ladies who are obsessed with deeper meanings. They’re a great way to reconnect with friends while raising your energy, perspectives and outlooks.

Crystal Icebreaker

Ice is a summer party essential, but when it comes to the vibe between guests, you’re going to want to melt the ice as soon as possible. These fun icebreaker questions will help open your guests’ throat chakras with crystals to enhance the authenticity of every answer.

First, fill a bowl with three kinds of crystals. As your guests arrive, instruct them to select a crystal from the bowl. For every crystal, you’ll assign a question that relates to the properties of that crystal. So for rose quartz, you’d ask a question about love since this stone is known to carry the energy of love. Or for black onyx, a crystal known to enhance logic, you might ask about a tough decision. In this example, I’m using black onyx, selenite and rose quartz as my crystal icebreakers, but you can use whatever crystals and ask whatever questions you like!

+ Black onyx: A genie appears and grants you three wishes, not for yourself, but for a friend. Who do you choose, and what do you wish for them?

+ Rose quartz: Describe your best and worst dates.

+ Selenite: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Message in a Bottle

Stuffing a message in a bottle and throwing it out to sea is a romantic gesture. It conjures all kinds of whimsical imaginings of who might one day retrieve it, and what their response will be. As soon as you start considering the reality of your bottle ending littering the shore, the practice tends to lose its romance. Instead, gather your friends for a beach party and use this crystallized spin on the message-in-a-bottle classic to send your intentions out to sea. Using a crystal attuned to the element of water, like larimar, aquamarine or sodalite, set an intention. Hold the crystal in your hands, breathing and syncing with its frequency. Then speak your intention aloud. After you’ve all set your intentions, release your crystals into the ocean and allow the water to carry their energy.

Crystal Exchange

Healing crystals can be our best friends during difficult times. Sometimes you just need that silent, reassuring energy to lean on and get you through the day. Giving that crystal — which gave you so much love and support — away, may seem like losing a friend, but it can actually be a therapeutic gesture of release, when done with it’s intention. A crystal exchange party is a great way to let go of the past, celebrate the resilience of your spirit and invite the energy of a new phase into your life.

Invite your friends over for a day of wellness and instruct them to bring a crystal they are ready to set free. Begin the exchange by sitting in a circle and setting one last intention with your stones. Infuse the crystal with your love, expressing your gratitude for the positive vibes it lent you in your time of need. Ask that it bring the next person it lands with the same transformative vibrance that it gave to you. Bless it with hope and good fortune, and then set it down.

Place numbers next to each of the crystals, and then write down numbers on pieces of paper before folding them in half and placing them in a bowl. One by one, have each of your guests pull numbers out of the bowl. The number they select will correspond to the crystal the universe has willed into their life. Once everyone has a new crystal, return to a circle and let everyone close out the exchange by setting an intention with the energy of their new stone.

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