You’re stressed—and it shows. Many of us tend to hold tension in our faces, and over time that can manifest as little horizontal creases. While injections are a quick fix, we believe in building a more natural, sustainable practice. Try this gua sha ritual to soften forehead lines by the female founders behind skincare brand Wildling

How To Use A Gua Sha To Soften Forehead Lines

PREP THE SKIN. Use a facial mist to hydrate, detox and energize the skin — Wildling makes an amazing skin tonic specifically designed to clear congested lymph, relieve skin dehydration and enliven the senses. Spritz to apply a light layer of moisture, which will help prime the skin to absorb the layer of oil that comes next.

OIL UP. Apply a liberal amount of facial oil to the skin to lubricate the surface for the gua sha to glide without tugging. Make sure you apply some oil to your neck as well. Wildling’s Empress Oil is made with the balm of gilead, tree resin nutrient complex and Indian sunstone. The women designed the oil specifically to plump skin and stimulate circulation.

Gua Sha To Cure A Hangover

COMB THE Forehead. Use the comb edge of the Empress Stone, and comb up from the brow to the hairline across the entire forehead using medium pressure.

Put On The Pressure. To erase lines on the forehead, use the comb edge of the tool with gentle pressure horizontally across any lines. Imagine that the comb edge is an eraser and you’re gently breaking up the wrinkle. Always stretch the line apart with two fingers for best results.

Buff It Out. Lastly, use the long rounded edge to buff out the forehead horizontally. This move is also good for headaches.

RALLY + REPEAT. Continue with the rest of your gua sha practice then repeat it all on the opposite side of your face. You’re sure to get the best results when you do the Empress Ritual on the entire face, opening up the flow of energy in your entire body.

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