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Reading the news lately can be crushing. How do we go about our day knowing that so much chaos and suffering is happening elsewhere? Energy healer Benson Simmonds is a compassionate intuitive who practices an ancient form of Jewish healing similar to Reiki. We asked Benson to help us process the difficult emotions, respond in power, and uncover our opportunity to respond in a new light… 

In the wake of the tragedies worldwide like the upheaval in the Ukraine, we often find ourselves feeling powerless, discouraged and confused. How are we supposed to respond? How can we react to make a difference to people suffering in a different country or continent?

As an energy healer and spiritual life coach I have been confronted by this both personally and professionally. I want to share with you how I coach my clients in the hope that it will support you as you cope in strength…

01 | Allow Yourself To Feel When you hear of a tragedy, allow yourself to respond by opening your heart and feeling empathy for the person or people affected.

Open up your heart and imagine how you would feel in a similar situation. You may find yourself becoming saddened or angered at the injustice of a disturbing event. Allow yourself to experience whatever emotions come up without judging them.

Take a moment to notice where you feel these emotions physically in your body. Lean into the physical sensations and the emotions and let them flow. Give yourself a few minutes to let them wash through you. Allowing yourself the full experience of the emotions will also allows them to dissipate and you won’t have to carry them as a heavy burden with you for the rest of your day.

Perhaps part of you is thinking, “but maybe I should allow those negative emotions to stay with me for the whole day or even longer?” My answer is always the same. Holding on to negative emotions never helps the situation in any way. It doesn’t help you or the people experiencing turmoil, such as the people struggling for their freedom in the Ukraine.

Why? Because spiritually and scientifically we live in a quantum world, meaning your actions, thoughts and energy have a quantum effect on the world. On a quantum level, your thoughts and your state of consciousness directly impacts the world. We forget this.

You often forget just how powerful you are. Holding on to negative emotions actually adds more negative energy into the world which doesn’t help anyone.

02 | Take Compassionate Action Once you have allowed your heart to open for those who are struggling, the next thing to do is take meaningful action. If you have family or friends involved crisis, offer them your support, love and words of comfort. If not, find an organization you trust to donate to. Taking a direct action can help us to overcome a sense of powerless.

03 | Counter the darkness with light Choose to let a particular tragedy, such as a faraway war, inspire you to become a kinder, more compassionate person overall. Take a proactive stance toward loving kindness for yourself, your friends or family, and your community. Do it to honor the people involved in the global crisis on your mind.

Choose to respond to the crisis that feels out of your control by creating a positive impact that you do have control over. You may not have the political power to mobilize forces in a foreign country, but you do the power to do an act of kindness and be more compassionate every day.

Do something thoughtful for yourself or someone else. Give a dollar or even a genuine smile to someone homeless. Pay for someone’s coffee or lunch while you’re out. Call or text a friend or loved one and tell them five things you love about them.

Why does this thoughtfulness have such a profound influence both on the people around you and those who are suffering in different parts of the world? Because of the principle I like to call QUANTUM KINDNESS. Your act of kindness, generosity or thoughtfulness will not only have a likely ripple effect, but it directly affects the quantum energy of love and kindness in the world. It is felt and will be felt by someone half way across the world. Someone in the Ukraine or someone who is struggling emotionally may feel your positive energy. The shift they experience in their day will influence someone else, and so on. That is how your one action genuinely affects the entire world.

We forget how powerful each of us really is. Dr. David Hawkins explains in one of my favorite books, Letting Go that love always triumphs over fear and evil because the vibration of love and kindness is thousands of times as powerful as the lower emotions of fear, anger, guilt, pride etc. The bottom line is that your act of kindness, your quantum kindness can nullify the negativity of thousands of other people in this world.

04 | a powerful ritual The next step is to take a moment to send love to a group or individuals who are experiencing tragedy.

What most of us do is sit down and think of someone in need and think of sending them loving thoughts or prayers. Of course, this is a great place to start, but most people don’t know how to send love in an empowered way. Usually, doing this will begin to feel draining for you, because you are sending love from your own limited well of love.

The secret is to allow the love and intention to flow through you. Here’s a process I like to equip my clients with:

Take a moment to sit in an upright position. Start to ground yourself by feeling the weight of your feet on the floor. Feel the muscles in your feet connecting to the floor. Feel the weight of your sit bones on the seat of the chair and the weight of your back muscles on the back of your chair. Allow yourself to feel present and grounded, just by becoming aware of your body and muscles, without judging.

Now, imagine a beam of beautiful white divine light, the light of unconditional love, flowing from the sky down through the top of your head and into your heart. You may want to think of someone who you love, someone close to you, living or passed on. Once you have this feeling, allow the light of unconditional love to flow into your heart and get brighter and brighter. You may want to imagine the light in your heart as a green or pink light. Allow yourself to feel more and more love flow through your heart. Let the light get brighter and brighter.

Once you feel your heart filled with light, then, and only then, imagine you are sending a beam of light from your heart to a group of people or an individual. Visualize the beam of light from your heart flowing through the hearts of one or many people, filling them up with love. When you do this, you will never become drained. What you are doing is simply becoming an open channel for divine light to flow through. It will actually energize you as you are doing it. Do this for a few minutes every day.

05 |hold positive outcomes in your heart The last exercise is to hold in your mind the outcome that you want for the group of individual affected by a tragedy. Don’t complain about the problem or negative politicians. This just gives them the energy of your attention.

Instead, visualize the outcome you desire. Hold your intention to hearing or reading the great news of a victory and solutions arising where there is a crisis. Focus on what you do want, not on what you don’t want. Focus on a loving positive outcome. It will feel good as you do it and it will also have a quantum effect on the actual situation.

While some of these practices might seem foreign to you or challenge the way you see the world, these new habits can change the way you respond to crisis. You will begin to recognize how powerful you really are, and how much our personal thoughts, actions and visualizations can impact the world.

If you want help putting these steps into practice consider consulting a spiritual guide, energy healer, coach, therapist, etc. to guide you through the practice.

May you be blessed to embrace your true power or what I call soular power, the true power of your soul. May you be blessed to become a proactive channel of divine love, kindness, and compassion and bring quantum kindness and love to the world.

Get Benson’s book, Soular Power: Unlocking the 8 Gates to Joy and Abundance, a handbook for breaking out of ego and returning to the higher energy of joy.

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