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The sexiest desserts are also the simplest to make. No, it’s not an oozy lava or layer cake, one of our all-time favorites when it comes to chic treats are stuffed dates.

These super healthy, raw and modern munchies are the ultimate afternoon pick-me-up or healthy sweet party food. They’re bite-sized and basic in the best way — making them only requires a couple of ingredients you might already have on hand. Best of all, they’re all-natural, packed with essential nutrients, and without a stitch of refined-sugar in sight.

We were recently reminded of our love for stuffed dates from Christine Tusher, the healthy lifestyle blogger behind Culture Kitty. Then we fall upon the photo up top from The First Mess and all bets were off. Below, we’re sharing three easy ideas that will help you make stuffed dates at home right away!

Any dates will do for these recipes, but if you want to go all-out, the best dates we’ve ever tried come from Magic Dates in this ‘flight’ of four date types!

Hemp seeds + Cashew Cream |This stuffed date recipe (here and shown below) comes from one of our holiday cooking classes with Jenni Kayne. The texture of raw cashew cream, crunchy hemp seeds, a bit of pepper and the dates themselves is to die for and worthy of any holiday party spread — or just a dreamy afternoon snack.

Cashew butter + dark Chocolate | Nut butter is the quickest and simplest way to stuff a date. Another version from Tusher, slice a dried date in half and remove the pit. Fill with a tesapoon of cashew butter and top with Altereco Super Blackout dark chocolate.

Bourbon Vanilla + Coconut yogurt | Tusher’s recipe (above) involves stuffing the pitted date with one heaping teaspoon of coconut yogurt (she uses Living Cultures Superfood’s Bourbon Vanilla coconut yogurt) and topping with Altereco Seeds + Salt Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites. The Altereco bites are one of our faves!

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