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Need an activity for your bestie’s bachelorette? Flower crowns. Headed to Coachella with the crew and in the mood to be extra? Flower crowns. Your cousins baby shower? Same. Same.

We were delighted (and dare we say relieved) when we saw this gorgeous new idea from florist, Topiaire Flower Shop in Southampton, New York.

Topiarie’s hand-crafted rings are made with tiny flowers from hardy plants such as kalanchoe and succulent rosettes. Think mini-corsages, but cuter. Floral rings stand ready to steal the you-know-what from flower crowns with Coachella goers and bridesmaids everywhere.

Here’s how to make the tiny wearable accessories according to Topiaire’s founder, Erin Meaney…

diy fresh Flower Rings Pick Your Plant | Select tiny flowers from a hardy plant such as a kalanchoe (succulent rosettes are also great to combine with kalanchoes ).

Put A Ring On It | Anchor a plain metal ring on your pointer finger, placing florist glue at the center of the ring. Be generous.

Load Up The Blooms | Place tiny flowers around the edge of the ring first, creating the sides and base of the ring with flowers. Once you have filled around the edges, place a flower or two at the center ( you may have to add a little glue to the center and also at the base of flower stems).

FIll In Spaces | Once you have the center glued in, fill in any gaps with pieces of flowers (for instance a hyacinth bud taken off the stem) and tuck between previously placed flowers!

Let The Ring Rest | Set aside to let everything bind together for at least an hour. Keep refrigerated until ready to wear!

fresh Flower Rings

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