Aerial view of 4 pieces of watermelon jerky
  • Close-up of a clear glass filled with watermelon jerky
  • Split photo of 3 pieces of salt-sprinkled watermelon on the left and close-up of one piece of salt-sprinkled watermelon on the right
  • Close-up of 2 strips of watermelon jerky on white background
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  • Split photo of watermelon jerky next to a slice of watermelon on the left, and glass full of watermelon jerky on the right
  • Aerial view of 5 watermelon strips on parchment paper
  • Aerial view of 4 pieces of watermelon jerky

    This story was originally published in 2017, but we loved it so much we decided to bring it back — just in time for Independence Day. Enjoy!

    Watermelon jerky isn’t just a thing — it’s the best thing. And if you’re as obsessed with watermelon as we are, this clean, fruit-powered creation is the ultimate summer snack.

    We’ve long been fans of Sakara Life’s plant jerky, but it never occurred to us that we could whip the stuff up at home – or, in our case, at the office. Our office kitchen skills have truly evolved since bringing our Excalibur dehydrator into the mix – see our spicy brussels sprouts chips here if you need hard proof.

    These sweet, leathery strips contain all the benefits of our most loved melon and taste like candy, making them the perfect tote-along for hiking, beaching and everything in between. All it takes is a little slicing, a sprinkle of salt and a bit of patience — we promise it’s well worth the wait…

    How To Make Watermelon Jerky


    1 whole watermelon
    kosher salt (optional)
    smoked salt (optional)
    chili-lime seasoning (optional)


    Quarter the watermelon. Slice into 1/4 inch thick sheets. Cut off the rind and slice each sheet into strips.

    Arrange the strips on a parchment paper-lined dehydrator tray. Sprinkle kosher salt, smoked salt or chili lime seasoning across the watermelon strips.

    Dehydrate the watermelon at 170 degrees for 10 – 12 hours. If you’re using an oven, cook at 135 for 18 – 24 hours or until the watermelon is dry and crisp. Allow the slices to cool completely before removing from tray. Enjoy!

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