Celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno works on some of our favorite faces in Hollywood from Naomi Watts to Amanda Seyfried — that is, when she’s not ‘safely at home’ like the rest of us. While the artist, who is an industry leader in clean and eco-friendly products, has learned to help her clients remotely, the most common question she’s asked is “How do I look good on a Zoom call?” Which is, naturally, exactly what we asked her as well.

According to Katey, she’s never been asked so frequently about plastic surgery and filler options then during the last five months. So, if you’ve been shocked a time or two at your not-so-hot Zoom call appearance, trust us when we say you’re not alone. Perhaps it’s true that “the camera doesn’t lie”, but there are definitely a few tricks to learning to look like our best selves on live video — and the pros have been practicing for eons.

Katey laid out her ten best tips in the video above and we’re paying careful attention. Here’s how to look good on a Zoom call according to a pro for all those long-distance meetings and friend dates.

Lighting is everything! Actresses and models know that lighting is key. The first thing to do is set up your lighting. Overhead lighting will cast unflattering shadows. Aim for front facing light (think ring lights!) that illuminate your face. Investing in a ring light isn’t necessary, but they are a fun tool to have. In a pinch, Katey knows that two bald lamps without shades can also stand in for a ring light – a trick Katey’s has learned working celebrity’s going live from hotel rooms!

Daylight through the window (wear your sunscreen) can also fill features beautifully and flatter the skin.

Know your angles… Most of us feel we have a good and bad side. With Zoom, that doesn’t matter much, but the height of your phone or laptop does. No one wants to look up your nose. Pay attention to what’s behind you as well — in Katey’s case, walls full of beauty products. For a work call, a more neutral backdrop may be better.

To look more awake… Invest in an eyelash curler. Toss some mascara on it while you’re on it. Curling lashes can instantly wake up a tired looking face. To wake up the appearance of your skin, Katey recommends adding a light, extra layer of moisturizer to add glossy, light-reflecting highlights.

Too avoid looking washed out, try a cream blush with a glowy finish. The cream texture reads better than powder in a Zoom call kind of situation. Creamy bronzer, highlighter or blush are all game, just be sure they have a shimmery, light-reflecting quality. You can also use a cream highlighter down the center of your nose, on your eyes or on the cupid’s bow.

To accentuate lips, you can go a little extra with lip and/or cheek color. Often Zoom or video calls flatten or dull our natural color, distoration or pixelization can actually make our features appear smaller. Since Katey notes that a few clients are missing those regular lip injections, she shows us a full, bright lip that looks really balanced in video. Katey uses Kjaer Weis lip liner with a layer of color and hydration from an Axiology crayon. She also taps a light of this balm on top of hercheek color.

For under eye circles, a creamy concealer in your own skin tone, but with a slightly oranger base can work wonders. Katey uses one from ILIA here to camo undereye circles and reflect light.

On your face, unless you have scars or acne you’re really concerned about covering up, Katey suggests taking the opportunity of being at home to allow for your skin to breathe. If you want a touch of foundation use it only where needed, Katey uses Alima Pure foundation here.

A note on style…Take note of what you’re wearing. Remember that off the shoulder tops could mis-read as going topless (LOL) depending on how you are cropped in fram, so choose wisely. On the flipside, you may also be able to get away with pajama bottoms while on a Zoom call if they don’t show in frame.

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