Here’s Why Ice Rollers Are Becoming The New Jade Rollers

There are so many factors that can cause our skin to lose its luster – puffiness, fluid retention, enlarged pores, fine lines, blemishes, inflammation…. We can’t tackle everything at once, but with the right tools, we can get close.

Over the last few months, we’ve been obsessing over ‘skin icing’ with green tea ice cubes – a clever and effective trick we learned from a favorite facialist. Think of skin icing as low-key cryo for the face. Icing the face can increase dermal and epidermal circulation, improving cell function, skin elasticity, firmness, and reducing puffiness and fine lines. It’s the best way to recover skin from a sleepless night – especially those inevitable puffy undereyes.

The best part about all this is that skin icing and ice rolling are actually kind of fun. And we think it’s all destined to become the next wellness-based skincare trend akin to rose quartz and jade rollers. Recently, we’ve been seeing ice rollers pop up all over faces on Instagram Stories thanks to inspiration from fashion blogger, Geri Hirch (get her travel tips here!).

Here are three ice rolling tools we love below as well as two other chilly beauty solutions we think you should try.. Let us know which ones you end up trying!

the Eye Globes | Chill these pretty little wands in the freezer and roll them gently around the upper and lower eye areas – always moving upward and inward. These cute little globes enhance tone the skin, tighten loose areas, and improve circulation for a brighter complexion. They also improve the skin’s ability to absorb facial products (especially great for eye treatments). CHECK OUT

the Ice roller | Keep this low-tech, handheld tool in the freezer and pull it out when you need a quick de-puff. (Like, every morning?) We love using it first thing in the morning or even during a night in. Roll across the face in sections and don’t forget to ice across your decollete too! CHECK OUT

the steel Ice roller | This steel roller is simply a matter of personal preference. Decide which texture appeals to you more and go with the roller you like. Use this ice roller to improve circulation, increase skin firmness and reduce puffiness. It can also help with pain relief. Next time you get sore from working out, pop this baby into the freezer, let it chill then get to rolling. CHECK OUT

the Silicone Stick Ice wands | We love skin icing using this silicone ice tray that makes long narrow ice sticks – think of them like facial wands. Here’s how we make the green tea ice cubes we love for this. Pop out one stick at a time and use to calm skin after removing your makeup at the end of the day. The cooling effect helps de-puff while the inflammation-fighting properties of green tea double the impact.  CHECK OUT 

the sheet mask | If it’s anti-inflammatory, redness-reducing action you’re looking for, this sheet mask from Avene is our go-to. Keep yours in the fridge – or even the freezer – to amp up the masking benefits with the power of chill.  CHECK OUT

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