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We first ran this how-to in 2016! If you’ve been practicing it faithfully since then, get fancy and add abhyanga to your routine. While so many pros mention it in our interviews, these in-depth instructions are a key refresher for us all…

You’ve likely heard about dry brushing before, whether in an article of ours or through that girlfriend of yours with the amazing skin.

How To Dry Brush:
A Refresher On The Weekly Wellness Ritual

Whether you already know about the benefits but want to know how to dry brush correctly, or are hearing about this holistic practice for the first time, we’re breaking down the hows and whys of this skin-reviving ritual…

Did you know that one third of toxins are released through the skin? Our skin is our largest organ and our bodies will find a way to remove toxins, one way or another. 

Typically, if there is something not quite right going on in our bodies it will show up in some way on our skin. Whether it’s a rash, a breakout, bloating or cellulite, all of these are potential signs of something more happening in our bodies.

There’s also the lymphatic system, a complex network of nodules, vessels and glands that runs throughout our entire bodies, just under the skin. As we’ve mentioned before, this system requires a little extra attention from us. The main function of the lymphatic system is to cleanse toxins and protect our bodies from harmful invaders. Without a pump to actually move these toxins through the system, it’s up to us to supply the movement to help this system work efficiently. Let’s face it: Most of us aren’t as active as we were when we were kids and we probably aren’t moving as much as we’d like to daily.

From food and cosmetics, to pollution in our water supply and even the natural byproducts of cellular waste, we are surrounded by toxins. Both naturally occurring and the not-so natural, our bodies must process and remove these toxins daily. When our systems are working less than optimally, this could lead to a host of less-than-desirable symptoms from serious immunity issues to circulation problems, arthritis, low energy… the list goes on and on. dry brushing

The good news is that lymphatic stimulation is an effective way to rid the body of these toxins, whether it be by reboundingmassage, the power plate or dry brushing!

Dry Brushing benefits include: Overall detoxification, reduction of fluid retention, exfoliation, improved circulation, improved skin tone, reduction of cellulite, improved skin tone, increased immunity, improved lymph flow, smoother, brighter skin, decongested skin, opening and cleansing pores.

BRUSH UP: First, you’ll need an all-natural bristled brush such as this one. Do not use a plastic-bristled brush. A longer handle may be useful for harder-to-reach areas, like the back


LET’S BEGIN: Right before you shower is a great time to practice dry brushing. Start at your feet, much like a lymphatic massage, and gently brush towards your heart in long, sweeping motions. Brush gently over all areas and sides of the leg and foot, including the soles of the feet. Repeat over the same areas 6-10 times.


TOES, THIGHS + TUSH: Once you’ve brushed over the entirety of your legs, brush over your bum from the back up over the hip and outer thigh towards the groin.

FINGERTIPS TO PITS: Next, work on your hands and arms, beginning at your fingers and palms and working up towards your armpits and shoulders. Be sure to pay careful attention to your armpits, as there many lymph nodes there. Work in gentle circular motions, both clockwise and counterclockwise.

CHEST AND BREASTS: Then, brush over your chest and very gently over your breasts, again, in gentle circular motions around the breast and moving down towards the stomach.

EVERY INCH: Brush in circular strokes around the abdomen. Brush from the base of the back, up towards the neck and jawline, until you have covered every inch of your body.

WRAPPING IT UP: The whole process should take about five minutes. Remember to go over the same areas multiple times in gentle strokes. Practice daily for best results.

Still skeptical? Grab a brush and give daily dry brushing a try for one month. What improvements did you notice? 

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