how to build an altar

Like a mood board come to life, building an altar of your favorite objects is a mindful practice for the visually inclined. Kerrilynn Pamer, co-founder of CAP Beauty, has an artist’s sensibility (and also happens to be married to one). It’s evident in her ability to curate a gorgeous collection of clean beauty. Just ahead, she’s sharing how to build an altar at home to focus meditations or transition through trying seasons with grace and intent…

At CAP Beauty we believe deeply in the power of ritual and objects. We have witnessed their power in times of transition and new beginnings and find ourselves relying on them for their beauty, familiarity and inspiration. Building an altar is one of our favorite ways to greet a new season, welcome a New Moon or embrace a life shift. Altars act as a touchstone, helping to deepen your intentions and activate your wishes. Build a shrine to your future and to the possibilities of now. Set aside some time to create your vision. Here is how to build an altar…

Clear A Space. Select a prominent space in your home, one that you will see regularly, to remind you to take time to yourself. Clear the dedicated altar space with palo santo or a sage bundle. Make choosing and cleansing the physical and energetic area a ceremony.

Pick Your Objects. Select sacred items that are special to you and surround yourself with beauty and intention. What are you trying to bring in? Choose items that hold meaning for you. Some that we love are: incense holders and beautiful matches, ceramic vases, teacups, matcha bowls, journal and pen, meditation pillow, fresh flowers, seeds, fruits and plants.

Let It Live. Arrange and maintain with love and care. Remember, there is no right or wrong way, this is your space. It is your area of beauty, make it feel good. Make it feel like you.

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